The 28 Most Incredible NHL Goalie Masks of All Time

Aside from protecting the player’s face, goalie masks have the ability to look intimidating to the approaching players – and when it comes to customizing masks, hockey goalies have an advantage over most players. Their masks are typically the ones you see more than any others, so you get a better chance to literally stare at them and admire their style. Besides, most goalies know they’re the center of attention more often than not, so they go out of their way to wear masks that reflect their own style and interest, and are interesting to look at.

The standard white hockey masks of the early years have transformed into their own works of art. It seems that each goalie continually tries to outdo the next in design, but everyone has their own opinion of art, and there are plenty of NHL goalies that take their craft quite seriously.

While there are humorous masks on the list below, there are others that feature memorials or dedications to people that have been lost. Here are the 30 most incredible NHL goalie masks of all time.

Murray Bannerman

Starting the list is the Chicago Blackhawks’ goalie. His traditional hockey mask was tweaked to fit the Blackhawk’s mascot. While it contains elements of the team, the mask itself almost looks like a kabuki mask. Bannerman sported this creepy mask during his run as goalie in the early to mid-1980s.

Dan Bouchard

Bouchard was clearly trying to outdo the rest of the goalies with his Atlanta Flames mask. It literally looked like his face was on fire. I know that during the Civil War, Atlanta was in flames, but I believe Bouchard took is a step too far! Either way, this ‘70s style mask made it on the list for a true effort to be unique.


Gary Simmons

While sporting another traditional mask, Gary Simmons took it up a step. Dating back to the 1970s, this mask features a snake with a crown on top. While it isn’t the most sophisticated mask, it deviated from the normal white mask other players were sporting at the time.

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