The 28 Most Gruesome Injuries in Hockey History

Think that toe you stubbed on the coffee table last night hurt? Think again. Your pain may be crippling and you may be crying like a little kid with a skinned knee, but it’s still no match for those brave souls who play hockey for a living. Broken bones, missing teeth, and concussions are to be expected — and those are minor compared to the way the following 28 players were injured.

Eddie Shore: Can You Hear Me Now?

Players never imagine that their rookie game will be the first time they almost lose a body part — but that’s just what happened to Eddie Shore in 1925. During a fight with his Boston Bruins teammate Bill Coutu, Shore’s ear was nearly sheared off by Coutu’s hockey stick (too bad the NHL didn’t require helmets until 1979).

His ear was dangling by just a small piece of flesh and doctors suggested amputation. Shore wasn’t happy with that, so he found a doctor who agreed to reattach the ear. During the reattachment, Shore requested his doctor not only skip using anesthetic (?!?!?), but also asked that the last stitch be changed in order to avoid a scar. I guess he didn’t hear that chicks really dig scars.