The 25 Most Expensive NHL Arenas

The NHL is already the most popular professional sports league in Canada, and it is rapidly growing in the United States. Hockey fans have a diehard love for their sport, which drives them to see their favorite teams in person. You’ll be in for a treat no matter where you see an NHL game because each arena was designed to give the fans the most enjoyable experience possible. However, these are the 25 most expensive NHL arenas used today after construction costs were adjusted based on inflation in 2015:

25. Amalie Arena – $209 Million

Amalie Arena’s construction costs of $139 million in 1996 equates to $209 million in 2015, which makes it the 25th most expensive stadium in the National Hockey League. Amalie Arena saw its first championship when the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup in 2004. A $35 million renovation was completed in 2002 to improve the entrance area, concourse and suites. This renovation added more concession stands, a upper-level bar, outdoor party deck, new restaurants and updated restaurants. A new HD video board was added to Amalie Arena in 2012. The Tampa Bay Storm of the Arena Football League also call the Amalie Arena their permanent home.