The 23 Biggest Dirtbags in NHL History

13. Gordie Howe

Gordie was well known for his hideous antics that landed him scores of suspensions in the NHL. He had a weird talent of throwing elbows at any opponent. He was so adept at doing it such that no one could recognize it easily. Only the video playback could clearly show what he had done.

He could score a goal, high stick an opponent player and even abuse referees whenever he pleased and escaped the potential punishment because he was both cunning and cruel — a weird combination.

14. Billy Smith

Probably one of the most annoying moments from the player was when he high sticked Lindy Ruff in the eye. Many fans and players were outraged by his actions, but Smith was always unperturbed by their concerns.

He would also punch his opponents in the back and the head and go away as if nothing happened at all. His other antics included sticking opponents in the privates, and slashing opponents’ legs, face or head if they entered his territory. He should probably have put a warning saying “Access denied” on his crease.

15. Jimmy Mann

He is another notorious player that has qualified for this list of the biggest jerks in NHL history. Everybody hated Jimmy Mann. He earned a ten-match suspension in 1980 for giving Paul Gardner two powerful cheap shots that sent him plunging to the ground. Fortunately, he survived.


Jimmy Mann was very tough and was hated by both fans and players. He could not listen to anybody or anyone. He refused to do things the right way, and that made him a big dirtbag.

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