The 23 Biggest Dirtbags in NHL History

Every sport has a weird side to it, and the weirdness is what makes the game interesting. Imagine yourself enjoying a game without any scandals or off-pitch occurrences – one in which everything proceeds as expected. It’d be boring.

So if you think the famous players of the NHL are devoid of any shred of quirkiness, think again. There are numerous NHL players who have both made headlines and made people shake their heads in pure bewilderment. Here are some of the biggest dirtbags in NHL history:

1. Bryan Marchment

Many people regard Bryan Marchment as the father of all scumbags in NHL. Bryan Marchment is among the players with the worst records when it comes to being on the wrong side of the laws of the game.

The man had a technique that was branded by his opponent players “That Bad Move.” Many opponent players complained of Bryan’s intentions to go down with them knee to knee and try to hurt them.

Many players and fans regarded him as a player who didn’t give a hoot about other players’ safety. There was one time Ron Sutter had a taste of “That Bad Move.” Marchment delivered a painful spear to Sutter. He probably spent a big part of his career injuring people on the field.


However, one of the funny things about Bryan Marchment that we will never forget is when once he got Wendel Clark angry and led to a classic meltdown branded “Stu Grimson.”

2. Claude Lemieux

He’s another notorious jerk in the NHL’s history. His criteria for tackling his opponents were enough to label as a crime against humanity. There was a time he gave Kris Daper a taste of his medicine when he did a disreputable hit against him from behind. The action later caused Kris Daper to require stitches, and was later listed among the top ten dirtiest plays in NHL history.

Claude Lemieux was a world class dirty and yet a good enough hockey player that every opponent had to deal with him for a whole game. He was one of the individuals who could leave fans and other teams pretty much upset.

Though a unique player, he had great hockey ability. He had won three Stanley Cups and one Conn Smyth before he finally hung his boots in 2009.

3. Zdeno Chara

Mostly known for his infamous play against Max Pacioretty, in 2011, which left the opponent on the ground before being assisted by emergency medics, Zdeno has been a problematic player. Many people were furious about that tackle, and it was among the deadliest hockey fights in NHL history.

Since then he has made many attacks on his opponents to the extent of getting a suspension from hockey for four months. Zdeno Chara is famous for his bad antics on his opponents. Many people never saw anything positive about him, at all. All I can say is he was just a regular hockey player with annoying attitude. What a dirtbag!

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