The 20 Highest Paid Players in the NHL

#8 Patrice Bergeron, Boston Bruins, Center, $8.75 million

The lone Bruin on the list.

David Persson /

David Persson /

#7 (tie). Ryan Suter, Defenseman, Minnesota Wild, $9 million

When it comes to Ryan Suter and the next guy on our list, I guess the Wild execs were watching when our #2 players on this list were offered equal contracts. This may make a lot of sense. If both of these players claim that they are the best player on their team, neither can cry about making less than the other.

#7 (tie). Zach Parise, Left Wing, Minnesota Wild, $9 million

I wonder if either of these guys think to themselves “I’m slightly better, I should get a few million more.”

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