The 20 Highest Paid Players in the NHL

A note, before we get started: this list is purely salary and doesn’t include any endorsement deals. Some of the highest salaries on this list needs some explanation, as they were created to take advantage of a loophole in the old collective bargaining agreement (CBA). As a result, some of these contracts were heavily front loaded and that’s why a few of these eyebrow raisers appear on the list.

But believe me, team executives knew what they were doing, and have no intention of paying these guys the huge numbers year in and year out. It’s a lot of cash early, then it drops precipitously in the following years. The new CBA that was ratified in 2013 disallows these shenanigans.

#11 (tie). Marian Hossa, Chicago Blackhawks, $7.9 million

Hossa’s contract was another holdover from the earlier CBA days and is also heavily front loaded. He makes $4 million next year and $1 million per season for the final four years of his contract when he will be 42 years old. Incidentally, Chicago has three of the top 20 highest paid players, the most from any one team on the list.

#11 (tie). Rick Nash, Left Wing, New York Rangers, $7.9 million

What is there to say? Nash pulls in a good salary, but not nearly as good as some of the other guys on this list.

Hs86183 / Own Work

Hs86183 / Own Work

#10 (tie). Derek Stephan, Center, New York Rangers, $8 million

This is the first year of Stephan’s 6-year, $39 million contract.


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