The 20 Best WWE NXT Matches of All Time

#5 Natalya vs. Charlotte – NXT Women’s Championship Tournament Finals: NXT Takeover

There was no single person doubting Natalya’s abilities ahead of NXT Women’s Championship Tournament Finals. She had proven herself whenever an opportunity presented itself in the ring. Her opponent in this final had not been proven. What were noticeable in Charlotte were some flashes of brilliance and an athletic body.
All this perception changed when these two women wrestled for over 16 minutes in a match that featured submission wrestling. Despite both putting on the face of No Retreat No Surrender warriors, in the end it was Charlotte’s ambition that helped her secure the pinfall victory.

#4 Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro – NXT Arrival

2013 was full of beef between wrestlers. If you followed Cesaro matches keenly, you could remember him calling Sami Zayn a mosquito. Their rivalry began immediately Sami Zayn appeared in his debut in the NXT and lasted for several months.
Unlike other matches that are full of NXT address, in this match Zayn entered the stage in style. He came rushing into Cesaro, throwing him into the ring with a thud. The King of Swing struggled at first to gain control. He later rose to neutralize Zayn with his powerful antics. Zayn is quoted saying that the match between him and Cesaro was the one that put him on the WWE map.

#3 Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze (Contender’s Match) – NXT TakeOver

Sami Zayn’s journey to grabbing the NXT Championship was challenged by some bumps and roadblocks. For several years, he failed to get a chance to participate even in the championship contest. When he thought it was time to prove to the world that he was worth the title, he found himself being knocked off the Championship contest.


In this particular night, Tyler Breeze battled Zayn in a Contender’s Match that was organized to determine Number one contender to Adrian Neville’s NXT Championship. Many people thought that Zayn would use this opportunity to show the world that his great performances will bear fruit, but they were wrong. It was yet another night that Zayn failed to convince his fans.

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