The 20 Best WWE NXT Matches of All Time

#8 Paige vs. Summer Rae – NXT Women’s Championship Match

When Summer Rae started his career as a professional wrestler in 2011, many fans did not like her. Summer had an endless desire to kill off her detractors when she was handled her debut in the ring. Paige started her career as a professional wrestler in 2012 and many people liked her from day one. Summer’s first match in the WWE NXT Championship was against Paige. It was a match full of tension — in fact, one of the best in NXT history.

#7 Big E vs. Seth Rollins – NXT Championship Match

Seth Rollins is a massive wrestler with many titles such as the NXT Champion, WWE World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, United States Champion and 2014 Money in the Bank Ladder Match winner. So fighting with him is like fighting a rock without gloves.

However, in January 2013, he was outwitted by Big E during a memorable fight against Ambrose, Reigns and Big E in a 3-on-1 No Disqualification Match. At first, Rollins was unable to match strength with any of these three powerhouses. He rushed to ringside and dragged Reigns and Ambrose away from the ring. He was left alone with the mighty BIG E. unable to match with superior muscles; Big E easily captured the NXT Championship.


#6 Finn Balor & Hideo Itami vs. The Ascension – NXT Takeover: R Evolution

For several years, The Ascension had been tormenting Hideo Itami and Funaki. They constantly interrupted their NXT Universe address pushing them off the limits. This did not last for long. Itami found his shield of a man by the name of Finn Balor. When a match between these two sides was booked, fans expected a bruising battle between Takeovers vs. R Evolution. The match did not disappoint. The face-painted Finn Balor together with Itami tore through The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor) to pick up the unforgettable tag team victory.

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