The 20 Best WWE NXT Matches of All Time

#14 William Regal vs. Cesaro

This match was a Christmas Day edition of WWE NXT. As William and Cesaro continued to tie up in each hold, the NXT and fans knew that they were witnessing a fight to the death. The two wrestlers started targeting each other, looking for a weak point to hit. Regal targeted Cesaro’s arms to weaken his power while Cesaro targeted William’s knee to weaken his joints. After a well-planned dropkick, Regal found his body on the mat. By this time, Cesaro seemed to have finished the job, but he was wrong. Regal began to toss the King of Swing until he decided to surrender on the mat.

#13 Adrian Neville vs. Bo Dallas (NXT Championship Ladder Match) – NXT ArRIVAL

Adrian Neville had missed the NXT Championship on several occasions. But when his time came at the NXT ArRIVAL, Adrian had done his homework well. Bo Dallas played a savior could help him, but things fall apart on the mat. He had nowhere to hide when Neville continued to torment his fortunes. Neville is reported to have told the organizers that he learned the hard way that night. They both used the ladder to their advantage with Dallas trying to emerge a victor, but Neville was too clever for the challenge. Neville moved against gravity while on the ladder to place his hand firmly on the NXT Championship.

#12 Neville vs. Sami Zayn vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Tyler Breeze – NXT Championship Match: NXT TakeOver — Fatal 4-Way

Many people describe this match as the match that was fought by four hungriest hyenas each trying to grab the promotion’s top prize. The four wrestlers ducked out of the competition as the battle spilled out to the arena floor. Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd teamed up to take out Zayn and Neville. However, things did not go well as both failed to win the match for themselves. In the end, the angry Neville tore down his three opponents finishing with Zayn. He taught his opponents what it takes to become a champion.


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