The 20 Best Backstage Beefs in WWE

20. John Cena vs. The Rock

A war of words began between these great pro wrestlers. Cena is quoted from a 2007 interview stating he doesn’t feel that The Rock gives back enough to the WWE. Cena goes on to say that his rare appearances at events do nothing to promote the industry. The Rock shot back claiming Cena only wrestles for the money. Eventually, they put their differences aside and came together for WrestleMania 29.

19. Edge vs. Matt Hardy

While their intense dislike for each other permeated onstage making for some explosive entertainment, their rivalry began backstage over Diva Lita. Hardy and Lita were in a relationship. Hardy took time off to heal an injury and Lita joined Edge on tour. Eventually Edge and Lita became a couple and Hardy’s animosity was hard to hide. While there are no reports the two physically brawled backstage, they certainly tried to hurt each other during live shows.

18. Hulk Hogan vs. Verne Gagne

The view from other wrestlers is that Gagne was a bit of a hothead, always looking for a fight. Hogan had reason to be upset with Gagne on this occasion. Verne began producing Hulk Hogan shirts, but left Hogan out of the profits. Hogan approached Verne but Verne wouldn’t budge. An argument escalated with Verne going after Hogan, who promptly stopped him with a front facelock. No match for Hogan, Verne walked out mumbling something about it not being the end.


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