The 20 Best Backstage Beefs in WWE

2. Bruiser Brody vs. Jose Gonzalez

Many people still consider this to be the most notorious story in wrestling history. Back in 1988, reports indicate that during a performance in Puerto Rico, Bruiser Brody was stabbed while in the shower. Even though Gonzalez pled guilty to Brody’s murder, he says it was actually Brody attacking him and Jose was only depending himself. The case never went to trial, and it was later ruled to be self-defense. Many believe there was a cover-up and that Brody was killed because he was an American profiting off of their country.

1. Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon took a beating this particular night. The Survivor Series bout ended with Hart losing his title to Shawn Michaels, as specified by McMahon but unbeknownst to Hart. Angry and feeling betrayed, Hart tracked down McMahon. According to Hart his punch to McMahon’s face sent the WWE owner hurling backwards, knocking him unconscious and twisting his leg. Showing no remorse, Hart has been quoted as saying the two broken bones in his hand were definitely worth it.

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