The 20 Best Backstage Beefs in WWE

5. Eddie Guerrero vs. Road Warrior Hawk

Even in failing health, Guerrero would look for a fight. One night, at a bar in Japan, a drunken Guerrero started in on Hawk. After repeated warnings to back off were ignored, Hawk waited until Guerrero turned away to knock him out cold. Guerrero has stated he deserved what he got, as he completely provoked the situation.

4. The Nasty Boys vs. Ken Shamrock

Here’s an instance where a woman and booze caused the beef. At a bar one night in the ‘80s, Shamrock felt Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs was being disrespectful to Shamrock’s lady friend. The two had words, but it came to blows later that night when reports claim Shamrock pounded Knobbs in their hotel room. Jerry Sags states he broke it up by slamming Shamrock on his head. Sags contended he only used his hands and feet to knock Shamrock out, and not a weapon as Shamrock claims.

3. Dynamite Kid vs. Jacques Rougeau

A backstage prank is what started a vicious retaliation from Rougeau toward Dynamite Kid. Members of separate tag teams during the ‘80s, Rougeau thought it was Dynamite who had messed with his clothes one night after a show. Dynamite denied any involvement, but Rougeau continued to believe otherwise. Dynamite took offense to the accusation and one night during a card game clocked Rougeau. Not to be outdone, Rougeau plotted his revenge weeks later. Hiding a roll of quarters in his hand, Rougeau socked Dynamite in the face, smashing four teeth. Both men were later quoted as saying how amazed they were that Dynamite wasn’t knocked out cold.

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