The 20 Best Backstage Beefs in WWE

8. Booker T vs. Batista

For an accomplished wrestler such as Booker T, respect meant everything. He had been around a long time and felt he not only earned the respect from the younger fighters, but deserved it. During a commercial shoot for SummerSlam 2006, Batista failed to acknowledge Booker T. This enraged Booker, who proceeded to brutally pummel Batista. While reports are unclear as to who came out ahead, Batista is said to have landed a few bloody punches of his own. In the end, Batista admits to being disrespectful to Booker at the shoot and takes full responsibility for the ensuing brawl.

7. X-Pac, JBL vs. Michael Hayes (Part 1)

In what has gone down in history as “the plane ride from hell,” Hayes in a drunken stupor knocked JBL in his face. Injured from the night before, the punch caused his wound to open and bleed freely. In retaliation, JBL punched Hayes unconscious. Hayes was apparently very unpopular with his coworkers, so to further even the score, X-Pac chopped off Hayes’ hair while he slept. Hayes was so detested by the other wrestlers, nobody exposed X-Pac’s little prank.

6. Brock Lesnar vs. Curt Hennig (Part 2)

During a separate incident on the same “plane ride from hell,” Lesnar and Hennig each teased the other about who wrestled the best. For reasons unknown Hennig sprayed shaving cream on Lesnar’s head. An intense fight ensued that almost damaged the plane’s exit door and took several wrestlers to break up. Unfortunately, Hennig’s prank cost him his job as he was axed a short time after.

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