The 20 Best Backstage Beefs in WWE

11. Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero

Heart failure would eventually end Guerrero’s life in late 2006. No one knew just how sick he was, least of all friend Kurt Angle, who had been in several matches with Guerrero during the 2004 season. One particular night both men became frustrated with each other. Guerrero felt Angle and his henchmen were too rough with him, in turn, Angle insisted he was carrying Guerrero when he underperformed. They continued their fighting backstage until Big Show pulled them apart. Later, Angle would feel terrible when he realized how sick his friend really was.

10. Great Khali vs. Big Show

Tensions between these two giants began shortly after Dalip “Great Khali” Singh Rana joined the WWE. Reports indicate that Paul “Big Show” Wight felt he now took a back seat to Singh as the resident giant. Wight especially took offense when Singh began performing moves exclusive to Wight’s character. By September 2009, Wight had had enough. After the match and some intense words, the Big Show attempted a sucker punch but was blocked by Khali. The Big Show tried again, but tripped on a bag and hit the floor. Khali took this opportunity to jump on Wight and finish the attack. Several wrestlers had to step in and stop the altercation. Wight and Khali were kept in separate corners for the rest of the tour.

9. DDP vs. Scott Steiner

While these two have stated they didn’t care for each during their wrestling days, Diamond Dallas Page insists they are friendly now. The brawl started during their WCW years when Vince Russo ran things. Russo wanted DDP’s wife Kimberly to expose herself to Steiner. While none of them liked the idea, Steiner referred to Kimberly as a “c-word,” enraging Page, who then attacked Steiner. However, when Steiner pulled out of Page’s headlock, he proceeded to pummel Page into a bloody mess.


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