The 20 Best Backstage Beefs in WWE

14. Ric Flair vs. Eric Bischoff

Ric Flair is a key player in the WWE these days, but during the ‘90s, Flair and Bischoff hatched a plan to tempt wrestlers away from WWE to sign with WCW. After Flair has poached several fighters, he felt Bischoff no longer needed him and pushed him aside. In 1998 the two men came to blows during a taping of WCW Thunder because Flair was a no-show. Bischoff used this as a way to prove Flair’s disloyalty to him, taking him off the air for the remainder of Flair’s contract. They would encounter each other again during a 2003 RAW taping. Flair took the opportunity to ambush Bischoff in the locker room, slapping him in the face before Sergeant Slaughter would pull him off.

13. Yoshi Tatsu vs. Sheamus

Rumor has it that this backstage beef started when Sheamus borrowed some money from Tatsu and failed to repay his debt. After several attempts to retain his cash, Tatsu tracked down Sheamus after a show and slapped him silly. In the end, the money was returned. No word on retaliation from Sheamus.

12. Bill Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho

During the 2003 season, Goldberg was undefeated inside the ring. Unfortunately, his cockiness got the best of him. He took his smack talk backstage when he suggested to others that Jericho’s performance was none to stellar. When Jericho confronted Goldberg, his brawn took over, and he grabbed Jericho by the throat. Jericho not only easily pushed Goldberg away from him but took the opportunity to take him down with a front facelock and a leg scissors. Minutes after the fight was broken up, the two wrestlers made up. Goldberg must have realized that while he may be unbeatable in the ring, backstage was a different story.


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