The 20 Best Backstage Beefs in WWE

17. Brock Lesnar vs. Jim Cornette

The story behind this altercation claims Lesnar took out his dislike for Cornette on Jim’s wife during a live WWE show. Cornette believed Lesnar was only there to make a buck. On this particular night, Lesnar was to slam Cornette’s wife down. She had asked Brock to watch the placement of his hands, as she had a new piercing and the area was sensitive. Lesnar made a point to disregard her wishes. Backstage, there was much arguing with Cornette threatening to shoot Lesnar.

16. Vince McMahon vs. Steve ‘Stone Cold’ Austin

While Stone Cold maintains his walk out from the WWE in June of 2002 was from a serious case of burn out, McMahon would go on record to publicly shame Austin during a taping of RAW. McMahon suggested Austin should apologize to fans for abandoning them, further escalating the rift between the owner and wrestler. Their disagreement turned out to be small bump in the road when Jim Ross, an associate to both men, stepped in which allowed them to mend fences. The Texas Rattlesnake would make his triumphant return to the WWE in late 2002.

15. Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels

Tension was evident between these two top-rated wrestlers. It all came to blows after a match on June 9, 1997 when Michaels suggested live on RAW that Hart was having an affair with Diva Sunny. Hart wrote in his autobiography Hit Man that after the match, he confronted Michaels backstage. An irate Michaels tried to punch his rival but missed. Hart took advantage and instead hit Michaels in the face. The fight pretty much ended after that with both men insisting it was a minor altercation.


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