The 16 Worst Things That Happened in 2016

You probably don’t want to look back on the dumpster fire that was the year 2016, and we don’t blame you. The past year was marred by so much violence, political turmoil, and celebrity death that it’s almost enough to make us long for 1348, when the Black Plague was a thing. Here are the 16 worst things that happened in 2016 that will hopefully make 2017 seem far better in comparison.

David Bowie

The year got off to a rough start with the passing of music legend David Bowie on January 10th. It was revealed that Bowie had been suffering from liver cancer unbeknownst to the public and despite having just released his new album Blackstar only days before. Suddenly, Ziggy Stardust was no more. His last music video for the single “Lazarus” took on new meaning after the tragic loss and many believed it was Bowie’s way of saying goodbye. “Look up here,” the pop star sings. “I’m in heaven.”

chrisdorney / Shutterstock
chrisdorney / Shutterstock