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The 16 Richest Republicans

Let’s give a hand to the Republican Party for welcoming both the rational (if a bit frugal) and the totally insane with equally open arms. Because of their reputation as fiscally conservative (although they do seem to like spending a lot on the military and bailing out Wall Street), the Republican Party is often deemed the party of the wealthy.

While the democrats definitely have their fair share of deep-pocketed members, republicans definitely do work hard to keep their reputation. Here are 16 of the richest republicans who are working to keep the “party of the wealthy” name alive:

Donald Trump

Current Net Worth: $4 Billion
Position: Presidential Hopeful

Donald Trump is a man who needs no introduction. Although he does need a world class PR team to keep all his scandals and negative publicity under control. Currently running to be the Republican nominee for president, Trump is most famous for being a real estate magnate worth billions. Despite his reputation, he’s declared bankruptcy four times. He claims it was all part of his strategy. (Apparently his strategy was to lose heaping piles of money.) Some are now beginning to speculate that the $4 billion estimate is probably a bit overstated and that his actual net worth is probably somewhere closer to $250 million.

Michael Vadon / Own Work
Michael Vadon / Own Work

Trump attempted to sue Timothy L. O’Brien—the originator of the claim that Trump is not nearly as rich as he claims—for defamation. However, after the courts found that O’Brien’s sources were valid, the case had to be dropped. Trying to pick just one scandal or controversy to exemplify Trump is an impossibility.

There was that time he made racist comments about Mexicans and then that other time he demanded Obama prove he was born in the United States. Then there was that other time he publicly stated that he would date his daughter if only she were not his daughter. But we can’t forget that time he criticized McCain as not being a hero because heroes don’t get taken prisoner. All in all, Trump is fast alienating everyone on all sides of the aisle.