The 16 Richest Political Backers

Behind every great (or terrible) politician are a few deep-pocketed individuals who are injecting their campaigns and their bank accounts with plenty of cash. If you want to know who a candidate will most benefit, check out the list of people who are funding their campaign to get elected.

While an individual technically can’t donate more than $2,700 to a political campaign, the recent advent of super PACs has made it easy to donate unlimited amounts of money to your favorite candidate. Here are the 16 richest people who are pouring the most money into politics:

Roseanne Barr

Who Is She? Actress
Who Does She Support? Democratic Party

Roseanne—as in the titular character from the ‘90s sitcom, Roseanne—is one of the wealthiest supporters of the Democratic Party. With a net worth of $80 million, she’s a great asset to the party.

At the peak of her fame in the ‘90s, she attempted to run for president as a Green Party candidate but lost. She later ran as the nominee for the Peace and Freedom Party. That year, she placed 6th in the election with a total of 61,971. Before that, though, she got on George HW Bush’s bad side when she sang the Star Spangled Banner at a baseball game and tried to add a little “Roseanne” flavor by grabbing her crotch and spitting afterward—mimicking baseball players.

RoidRanger /
RoidRanger /

Bush Sr. accused her of disrespecting our nation’s anthem but more because of how poorly she sang than for the rude gesture at the end. I guess if she was really patriotic, she’d have a better voice.