The 16 Richest Democrats

When you think of rich politicians, you probably imagine some ultraconservative fat cat Republican. You might be surprised to know that Democrats can be just as rich (and just as corrupt) as any other breed of politician! The republicans may be the “party of the wealthy” but democrats are certainly doing their best to earn that title for themselves.
Here you’ll find a list of the top 16 richest democrats and the (sometimes questionable) ways they made their millions.

John Kerry

Current Net Worth: $194 Million
Position: US Secretary of State
John Kerry came to national attention when he ran as the democratic nominee against George W Bush during the 2004 presidential election. If you were old enough at the time, you may recall seeing Kerry-criticizers dressed as flip-flops to call attention to the fact that John Kerry—unlike any other human on earth—changes his mind sometimes.

His wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, was married to a Republican for decades, during which time she was a devoted and enthusiastic Republican herself. After marrying Kerry, however, she switched to the Democratic Party. What a perfect pair of flip flops! Failed presidential campaign aside, he’s now contentedly serving as the US Secretary of State. Kerry also assisted on President Obama’s second campaign by doing a perfect impression of Mitt Romney during practice debates.

Robert Rubin

Current Net Worth: $100 Million
Position: Co-Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations
Robert Rubin is a former treasury secretary and currently serving as co-chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. As you’ll soon see, it’s a hopeless quest to figure out what part of his experience and background made him seem qualified for that job.

He earned his millions in banking. Beginning as a lawyer, he soon switched to the world of finance by becoming a banking executive. He worked at Goldman Sachs for 26 years before getting into government. So, what we have here is a lawyer, a banker, and a politician all rolled up into one— you’ll be hard-pressed to find a less trustworthy combination.


Shortly after taking over at a Citigroup, he resigned in 2009, immediately after the bailout. He walked away with $126 million and a cushiony future in politics. While treasury secretary under President Clinton, he worked to loosen government regulations and weaken oversight on Wall Street which helped clear the path for exactly the kind of gambling behavior that led to the financial crisis. He was even friendly with Enron, the energy company that nearly brought California to its knees.

If we can expect to see the same kind of track record with his new job as chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, we might end up being at war with every country within a few years.


Nancy Pelosi

Current Net Worth: $58 Million
Position: House Minority Leader
Nancy Pelosi is currently the house minority leader. As representative of an overwhelmingly democratic district, she has not had to participate in an election debate since 1987. She hasn’t even been opposed by a serious Republican candidate since the early 1960s. Needless to say, her job is secure so long as she doesn’t do something totally stupid.

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