The 16 Biggest Political Losers

Michael Grimm

Who Is He? Former US Congressman for New York

Michael Grimm is well named considering his grim fate. He served just 2 terms in congress before resigning in January of this year after pleading guilty to tax fraud. To be clear, he was charged with 20 counts of fraud but he decided he was only guilty of one of them. He’s now serving 8 months in prison.

While still under investigation, the temperamental Grimm got in a heated confrontation with a reporter in which he threatened to break the reporter in half. He did this on camera. This is pretty much politician 101: do not lose your cool when cameras or reporters are present. To think that before all this chaos and political scandal, Grimm was just a humble health food store owner, probably dreaming of one day going on TV and fighting a reporter.

William Jefferson

Who Is He? Former US Congressman for Louisiana

William Jefferson has secured his place in history on two counts. First of all, he was the first African American congressman in Louisiana since the end of the post-civil war reconstruction era. Secondly, he received the longest sentence ever given to a congressman for any crime. One of those is actually a pretty noble accomplishment. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one.


His record-breaking sentence is a 13 year sentence for bribery (along with 10 other corruption charges). Among the evidence used to convict him was $90,000 in cold, hard cash. That’s literally cold, hard cash since it was found stashed away inside his freezer. He now owes $5 million in legal fees and has had to file for bankruptcy. Doing time in prison and being bankrupt at the same time probably puts Jefferson up for a 3rd accomplishment: the biggest political loser on this list of political losers.

Ruben Hinojosa

Who Is He? Current US Congressman for Texas

Of all the people featured on this list, Hinojosa stands out as the only one currently serving as an elected official. He is living proof that one can become bankrupt and still retain the confidence of voters enough to get reelected.

So, if you’re asking what caused him to go bankrupt, prepare for what is possibly the most Texas way to go bankrupt in history: he gave a huge loan to his family’s meat company. After failing to sell enough meat, he decided to blame the failure on the bad economy. As a reminder, he is a congressman. His job is to work on fixing the economy. So, declaring bankruptcy because of a “bad economy” is a bit like a mechanic saying he can’t drive his car because the engine needs to be fixed.

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