The 11 Worst Black Friday Incidents

Most people know that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, where many stores put electronics, housewares, and other big-ticket items on sale to entice people to come out and spend money. It’s regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season, and since many government and school workers have this day off, there are always long lines of people waiting to get into stores before they open.

As of 2011, store opening hours began shifting even earlier, to midnight, or even 8pm the night before. Although the Black Friday deals appeal to many people who otherwise couldn’t afford the big ticket items that go on sale, there has been a remarkable number of incidents over the last few years where people have been pushed down, trampled, or even killed while others sought out killer deals. Here are a few of the worst incidents that have happened on Black Friday in the States.

Temporary worked trampled and killed at a Walmart in Long Island

In 2008, a temporary worker who was only hired for the day was killed at a Long Island area Walmart. That year, the store was scheduled to open at 5am, but in the hour before that, the crowd was getting restless, and had began chanting for the store employees to open the doors. As the crowd began pushing on the doors, the store employees moved towards the doors to try and block the incoming crowd.

After a few moments, the 200-strong mob was successful in forcing the doors open, and 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour was thrown to the ground and trampled to death. In addition to Damour being killed, there were also several people who were taken to hospital with serious injuries, including a woman who was 8 months pregnant.

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Fatal shooting in a Toys ‘R’ US

Although this incident did occur on Black Friday, area police insisted that the fight that broke out in the Southern California Toys ‘R’ Us in 2009 was not a result of Black Friday tensions. Since most people don’t resolve arguments with guns in a children’s toy store every day, it’s hard to believe that Black Friday had nothing to do with it.


The incident started with an argument between two women, and ended with a shootout between their husbands, who chased each other around the store, firing their guns wildly. The shootout caused havoc both in the store and in the surrounding areas, and only ended when police secured the area and announced the deaths of the two men.

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Shooting outside a Walmart in California, 2011

This incident is remarkable because it didn’t actually take place inside a store, but right outside, where a group of thieves with guns lay in wait for customers coming out of the local Walmart with their new purchases. When the thieves accosted a man who wouldn’t give up his bags to them, they threatened him with the gun before shooting him and attempting to run away. One suspect was wrestled to the ground by a bystander, while the other managed to get away before police arrived on the scene.

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