The Greatest Athletic Feats in History

Today on Healthversed, we salute the men and women who taught us all that indeed, anything is possible. From the basketball courts to the hockey rinks, we present the greatest athletic feats in the history of sport.

15 Athletes You Might Find in an Office

After the championship is won (or not) and the crowds all go home, many professional athletes find it difficult to carve out a second career after they leave the big leagues. Most athletes find themselves in search of a second career after their time in professional sports. Here are a few that made the successful transition to 9-to-5 jobs.

23 Hottest NHL Wives and Girlfriends

Hockey is fast gaining popularity in America. Part of that popularity may be due to the hot women that adore hockey players. This is evident from all the beautiful actresses and models that surround NHL players. Maybe it’s just the ice skating — or the combination of a man in uniform and ice skating. Who knows?

26 Most Brutal NHL Suspensions

Unsportsmanlike conduct on the ice has generated public outcry since the founding of the NHL back in 1917. Although some Hockey Commissioners attempted to discipline offenders with lengthy suspensions for serious misconduct, for a long time, fans tolerated a lot of bad behavior from hockey stars.

20 Greatest WWE Diva Matches of All Time

Many fans will tell you that the first true diva in the world of women’s wrestling was Sunny, who was introduced in 1996. Others may argue that it was actually Sable. No matter who you believe to be the first diva or when the diva era truly began, it’s definitely grown exponentially in a short amount of time.