Stupid Celebrity Trademarks

What is it about celebrities and their “brands” that seems to almost require a ridiculous trademark? Having talent, being beautiful, and socializing with the choicest of companions isn’t enough anymore — these celebrities have sought to acquire a trademark that will distinguish them from among the rest of the A-listers.

Since we have the misfortune of having one of the most catchphrase-est Presidents of all time in the White House, we thought that this would be a great time to check out some other celebrities and their awful trademarks.

1. “Make America Great Again”

Let’s just get this one out of the way. As much as it’s painful to call our sitting President a “celebrity,” his well-known slogan “Make America Great Again” has been one of the most polarizing phrases of the year. He applied to trademark the phrase in 2012, shortly after second Obama victory, but the phrase wasn’t actually officially awarded a trademark until 2015.

Although Trump has maintained for years that he came up with the phrase completely on his own — surprise, surprise — it turns out that’s not actually true. In 1980, Ronald Reagan and George H.W Bush used the very-similar phrase “Let’s Make America Great Again” in their campaign for the White House. A vaguely racist phrase that’s actually stolen from greater men sounds exactly like the Trump brand.

Olya Steckel / Shutterstock