Strangest Documented Disappearances

It’s frightening to think that someone you love could be with you one day and gone the next, without so much as a trace left behind. It might sound unlikely, but people disappear mysteriously every day, leaving authorities scratching their heads as to what may have occurred. Here are some of the strangest documented disappearance cases that will have you double checking the locks on your doors tonight.

Madeleine McCann

This infamous disappearance case still has people confused 10 years after it occurred and police don’t seem to be any closer to solving it. Madeleine McCann of Leicester, England was just three years old when she vanished from her parents’ holiday villa in Portugal. The McCanns were eating dinner only 50 yards away, but when they returned just over an hour later to check on their daughter, she was gone.

Portuguese police were heavily criticized for contaminating the crime scene and for placing initial suspicion on the parents, which the McCanns say wasted precious time in the crucial early hours of the investigation. Scotland Yard took over the case in 2011, and the McCanns still hope to one day be reunited with their daughter.

Asha Kreimer

In 2015, 26-year-old Asha Kreimer was dining with friends at the Rollerville Café in Point Arena, California. Kreimer got up to visit the restroom, leaving behind her shoes, cellphone, keys, and wallet, never returning to the table. Kreimer’s family does say that she was experiencing a mental health crisis and had been recently released from a brief psychiatric hold, but was due to go back for more treatment. Asha’s family and friends are continuing their search and have raised money in hopes of locating Kreimer.

Ray Gricar

Twelve years ago, Ray Gricar, who served as the district attorney for Centre Country, Pennsylvania for two decades, called his girlfriend to say that he was taking the day off work to go for a scenic drive and was never heard from again. Gricar was just eight months from his retirement and, by all reports, was not the type to take off without contacting anybody.


The only trace of him was his car, which was found parked outside an antiques mall in nearby Lewisburg, and his laptop, which was found months later under a bridge with severe water damage. Investigators discovered that someone had used Gricar’s home computer to search “how to wreck a hard drive” leading some to believe that Gricar may have had something to hide. Gricar’s body was never found, but he was declared legally dead in 2011.

Image via CNN

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