Sports Stars with Hearts of Gold

Although the work that it takes to become a professional athlete seems like it would leave a lot of people desperate for some rest and relaxation, there are a few caring sports stars who think beyond their own needs. Some donate millions of dollars to domestic and international charities, while others donate their time and energy – but all should be equally respected. Whether their choice is international humanitarian relief or local sports programming for underprivileged children, this list is full of examples of sports superstars who are using their fame for good.

John Cena

WWE superstar John Cena seems like a tough dude – he’s been with the WWE since 2005, and has held wrestling titles all over the country since his introduction to professional wrestling in 1999. He has also held the title of WWE World Heavyweight Champion for the fourth highest number of days, and headlined four Wrestlemania events.
He is also the first celebrity who has ever worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to grant more than 500 wishes. Organization spokespeople say that it’s his positive attitude and indomitable spirit that really allows children to connect with him. Despite his many wrestling injuries and busy schedule, Cena always makes time for kids from the Make-A-Wish foundation.

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