SlamDunce: 17 NBA Players Who Went Broke

We love us some NBA, don’t we? Incredible athletes, insanely fast action, a tremendous atmosphere and experience. Off the court, however, some of our highflying favorites are scraping along in the financial gutter. Here’s a list of notable NBA bankruptcies:

Antoine Walker

Poor Antoine… Ball handling ability and nifty finishes at the bucket didn’t qualify him to make a living at the poker stable. That’s right, Walker didn’t take Kenny Rogers’ advice and “know when to fold ‘em.” Losing millions at Vegas casinos will eventually affect the bottom-line of all but the richest dudes on the planet. When Antoine couldn’t pay the mortgages and car payments because of the poker losses, the 100 million house of cards crashed hard. Better know when to run, A!

s_bukley /

s_bukley /

Scottie Pippen

While never making MJ money, Pippen made a tanker full of cash as the second-best player on the planet. We’re talking upward of 150 million. Unfortunately he blew the cash on Bentleys, attorneys, and a private jet that broke down right after he bought it. The guy who could deliver a thunderous dunk after a Jordan assist could never deliver any of his paychecks to a savings account. Like Mike… If Pip could be like Mike.

Tinseltown /

Tinseltown /

Latrell Sprewell

This guy had it all. Lucrative contracts, a bad boy image, and a deft skillset on the hardwood. Unfortunately, he had lots of “Baby Mamas” too. When you’re dishing out millions a year in child support, family court attorneys, and alimony, the cash well will eventually run dry. And it sure did for Sprewell. When the Timberwolves didn’t give him the contract he wanted at career’s end, Spre moaned, “I got a family to feed.” How ‘bout ya get a job?

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