Schwimmer Money: 1990s TV Stars Who Were Rolling in the Dough

Tim Allen

Home Improvement’s Tim “the Toolman” Taylor was the ultimate TV dad and for it he received the ultimate TV dad paycheck: an astounding $1.25 million per episode by the final season. Not only did Tim Allen star in the show about the grunting, Detroit Lion loving father, he also became an executive producer during the later seasons.

Allen’s raise also happened in the post-Friends era during the show’s final season. We bet it really bothered the actors who played Allen’s kids, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Zachery Ty Bryan and Taran Smith; back in 1993, they called in sick during the first week of production on the third season, refusing to return to work until they were each given a 213% raise to $25,000 per episode. The show’s producers called their bluff by putting out a casting call for new kids and the boys ran back to set, heads hanging.

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