Politics Schmolitics: The Funniest Joke Political Parties

When people feel like their views aren’t being represented in the sphere of politics, it can lead to either a deeper engagement with the issues, or a complete spin into apathy. Some people struggle to see themselves in the mainstream political parties in their country, so over time they’ve created their own. Some are serious and focused around specific community issues that need to be addressed, while others are completely satirical. Many joke parties have come in and out of existence over the years.

Here are a few of the most ridiculous joke political parties in history.

Rhinoceros Party of Canada

Our closest neighbor has a multi-party system, with the political landscape being dominated by at least three major parties who have all shared power over the last decades. Even though Canada has several national parties that span the political spectrum, there have still been lots of joke parties created there over the years. The Rhinoceros Party of Canada was founded in 1963 by a group of artists who wanted to use their platform to contest the federal election. The Rhinoceros Party ran candidates against Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in his home riding of Montreal in 1972, 1979, and 1980. Their leader was a rhinoceros from Quebec’s Granby Zoo, and their promise to the electorate was “a promise to keep none of our promises.”

The Polish Beer-Lovers’ Party

The Polish Beer-Lovers’ Party was founded in 1990 by popular Polish satirist Janusz Rewiński. Their original goal was to promote drinking beer over vodka, which they thought would lower Poland’s rate of alcoholism. Eventually, the party started expanding their platform into more serious territory, and people started paying attention. In the 1991 parliamentary election the Polish Beer-Lovers’ Party won 16 seats, the equivalent of 2.97 percent of the popular vote. Once they were in parliament, the party split into two factions: Large Beer and Small Beer. The party formally dissolved in 1993, and the two factions already in parliament changed their names and allied themselves with coalitions of larger political parties.

Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party

This joke party was never actually registered with Elections Canada, but they managed to attract a loyal following in the Atlantic province of Newfoundland. The Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party was founded in 1999 by a group of Newfoundland wrestlers, and their platform was focused on overfishing, withdrawing Canada from the NATO agreement, and a guaranteed annual income for all Canadians. In April of 2000, a Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party candidate named Sailor King Moondog White (a former WWF competitor) ran in a by-election in the federal riding of St. John’s West, and although he didn’t win, he brought his message of Newfoundland pride all the way to the capital city of Ottawa.

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