Schwimmer Money: 1990s TV Stars Who Were Rolling in the Dough

The ‘90s weren’t just the golden age of fashion (tattoo chokers and brown lipstick, anyone?), they were also a golden age of cheesy television. Here are some of the most ridiculously overpaid TV stars of the 1990s.

16 Richest Politicians of All Time

People like to wax poetic about the morals and values of our Founding Fathers, and how they drafted the Constitution to ensure equality and fairness for all citizens. It’s a great story, but most likely, it just isn’t true.

The 23 Biggest Dirtbags in NHL History

Every sport has a weird side to it, and the weirdness is what makes the game interesting. Imagine yourself enjoying a game without any scandals or off-pitch occurrences. It’d be boring. So if you think the famous players of the NHL are devoid of any shred of quirkiness, think again.

They’re Paying How Much for That Guy? 25 Worst Contracts in the NHL

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder what was going when certain NHL contracts were being negotiated. We aren’t necessarily suggesting that a lot of drinking was happening, but… what in the heck were they thinking?

Not Your Grandmother’s Wedding: The Rising Costs of the Modern Wedding

From the way weddings are portrayed in bridal magazines and TLC reality shows, it feels as though the lavish trappings that were once reserved for the very wealthy are now compulsory for everyone – whether they can afford it or not. So how long has it been this way and how did it happen?

11 Most Expensive Pieces of Artwork Ever Sold

The pieces of art on this list come from a different world entirely — one populated by billionaires hidden in the shadows. These auctions are a spectacular display of wealth, but also illustrate the lengths some collectors will go to ensure these works of art remain available for the public to enjoy.

20 Greatest U.S. WWE Champions of All Time

From the larger than life and once dominant Yokozuna to the springy and spry Rey Mysterio, the belt has changed hands between every style of wrestler imaginable. However, the WWE Championship has certainly been dominated by wrestlers from the United States.

7 ‘90s Celebs Who Went Broke

Vanilla Ice We’re guessing this ‘90s rapper probably pawned the last of his “ice” a long-time ago. Vanilla Ice, aka Robert Van Winkle, found overnight success with his 1990 hit “Ice Ice Baby,” but by the mid-‘90s his music career and his fortune were already things of the past. Since then, he’s appeared on a…

The 20 Best WWE NXT Matches of All Time

If you ask WWE NXT fans, they will tell you that big names have emerged such as Adrian Neville, a non-disputed champion of all time. The commitment these men and women have shown in-ring has left a mark on WWE NXT history.

Keeping It in the Family: 10 Crazy Huge Inheritances

Young people who may not have been able to afford the down payment on a house, or were not able to take a luxury vacation are suddenly taking on these projects in larger numbers than ever.

Donald Trump: The Life and Times of America’s Most Controversial Presidential Candidate

The media has been all over him lately due to the inflammatory statements that he just can’t seem to stop making, but there’s a lot that you don’t know about him.

5 Sports Stars Who Were Notorious Gamblers

One of the biggest pitfalls of being one of the most popular athletes in any sport is all the temptations that await when you receive those millions of dollars in a paycheck or signing bonus – drugs, alcohol, women and other luxurious spending without any saving.

6 Sexiest Billionaire Men

Whether he’s a mobile app CEO or a royal bachelor, these men seem to have it all. Tall, dark, and handsome? What if he happened to be a billionaire too?

Want to See What $9 Million Worth of Floyd Mayweather’s Cars Looks Like? (Video)

You think you’ve got it tough, with your student loans and your ever-increasing rent payments? Wait ’til you see Floyd Mayweather’s tiny 3-car garage.

6 Boxing Greats Who Went Broke

The storyline about a famous athlete blowing the fortune they made during their playing days is almost commonplace. In a lot of cases, the athlete is someone in the middle of the pack in terms of talent who is trying to maintain a lifestyle they feel is part of being a superstar (i.e. one involving expensive cars, a huge mansion and other unnecessary items).

The 25 Most Expensive NHL Arenas

Hockey fans have a diehard love for their sport, which drives them to see their favorite teams in person. You will be in for a treat no matter where you see an NHL game because each arena was designed to give the fans the most enjoyable experience possible.

18 Richest UFC Fighters of 2015

Most of the fighters in the UFC started out in kick boxing, martial arts, beating up kids on the playground, and karate before debuting in MMA and becoming professional intimidators – but once they get in the door at the UFC, it’s all in, or go home.

The 11 Worst Black Friday Incidents

As of 2011, store opening hours began shifting even earlier, to midnight, or even 8pm the night before. Although the Black Friday deals appeal to many people who otherwise couldn’t afford the big ticket items that go on sale, there has been a remarkable number of incidents over the last few years.

9 Most Expensive Airline Tickets

Next time you’re stuck in economy class with no leg room and a smelly guy who keeps snoring, close your eyes and imagine flying lavish first class instead.

6 Insanely Successful People (Who Had a Lot of Help)

You’re always hearing about celebrities who made it big despite the odds; those who were poor or unconnected who, through sheer will and tenacity, made it to where they were today. Hollywood loves a good underdog story…

18 Richest UFC Fighters of All Time

Some of the highest paid fighters actually have really poor win records. The factor that differentiates the well-paid fighters from the struggling fighters is their ability to draw in the crowds. The more people who want to watch a fighter, the more money that fighter will make.

7 Most Expensive Degrees You Can Get

When researching a college or university to attend after high school, the price tag isn’t supposed to have an impact on where you choose to go. After all, your post-secondary education sets the path for your career and life choices after graduation.

30 Best WWE Matches of All Time

They may not have created professional wrestling, but the WWE has certainly revolutionized the business. The WWE knows they can create an amazing match by putting the best stars in front of a huge crowd.

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Star Wars

Maybe you’ve seen every scene shot by George Lucas and can recite any of the movies from heart, or maybe you only saw one of the films once just to shut up your significant other. Whatever your level of fandom, there are always new things to learn about the Star Wars universe!

The 16 Richest Democrats

When you think of rich politicians, you probably imagine some ultraconservative fat cat Republican. The republicans may be the “party of the wealthy” but democrats are certainly doing their best to earn that title for themselves.

17 of the Most Lavish Weddings of All Time

If you think Donald Trump and Melania Knauss were extravagant when they spent about $1 million on their 2005 nuptials – and they were – theirs was almost subdued compared to other wedding showstoppers.

The 16 Richest Political Backers

Behind every great (or terrible) politician are a few deep-pocketed individuals who are injecting their campaigns and their bank accounts with plenty of cash.

5 Most Expensive Pieces of Disney Memorabilia

Cinderella’s Castle, $37,500 Although it may look like one, this is definitely not a dollhouse for your daughter to play with. This jewel-encrusted castle replica is one of the priciest pieces of Disney merchandise. There were only 50 of these sparklers made and they’re hard to find for Disney fans. This mini castle is absolutely…

Top 30 NHL Draft Busts

It’s too early in the season to see if the 2015 selections like Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers) or Jake Eichel (Buffalo Sabres) will turn out as good or bad selections, but each has a good amount of hype to see what they can do in the NHL. The following names had similar expectations, and each failed for their own respective reasons.

10 Most Outrageous NBA Salaries

For whatever reason, we, as a society, have deemed athletes as the most deserving of wealth. Sure, there are people out there who are teaching our kids, curing diseases, and feeding the hungry, but can they dunk like Jordan? Exactly.

21 Most Outrageously Groomed Poodles

Dog shows are a billion dollar industry, and participants often spend more on their pets than their house or car to secure a place in the annals of animal history.

The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in New York City

Is the Big Apple calling your name? If you’ve always wanted to wake up in the city that never sleeps, you’d better be ready to spend!

18 Reasons Why the Dallas Cowboys Will Make It to the Super Bowl This Year

It’s been two decades since the Dallas Cowboys made it to the Super Bowl, and on January 28, 1996, they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was a sweet win, but this year they’re poised to be back on top and regain their place as one of the most revered teams in the NFL.

7 Killers Who Did It for the Money

It’s long been said that greed can be a powerful motivator, but it’s still chilling, the length some people are willing to go to just to get their hands on some cash…

Celebrities Who Claim to Have Seen Ghosts

Nothing will cause people to look at you funny faster than telling them you have seen a ghost. While plenty of people claim to have seen ghosts at some point, most people dismiss the idea of actual paranormal activity.

Cocaine in the NHL: What Are We Going to Do About It?

If you’re the type of fan who pays attention to off-ice extracurricular activity, you may have noticed a few recent incidents involving NHL players and cocaine.

7 Rich Families That Are Cursed

Rich folks don’t need to concern themselves with how to pay rent or buy dinner, but no one can escape the reality of being human. People of all economic backgrounds face real challenges each and every day, and the ultra-wealthy are no different.

The 20 Highest Paid Players in the NHL

Some of these contracts were heavily front loaded and that’s why a few of these eyebrow raisers appear on the list. But believe me, team executives knew what they were doing.

Celebrities Who Believe in the Paranormal

Once the lights are off and they’ve retreated into their semi-private lives, some celebrities like to keep their thinking out on the edge. It often takes a creative and imaginative brain to believe in things that most people would dismiss out of hand – such as paranormal activity.

11 Celebrities Who Killed People

It is always shocking with the world of celebrity lifestyles comes crashing into the world of real-life crime. Most of us think of celebrities as living in some sort of a fantasy land where they can do as they wish without any real consequences.

Every NHL Team’s Most Controversial Player

Hockey is a physical sport whose fans can be just as passionate as the players. For agitators and enforcers, earning a spot on a “most hated” list is a mark of pride; for others, the distinction may be more dubious.

Busting Jerry’s Bubble: Dallas’ Biggest Draft Busts

America’s team occasionally makes some all-American flops. While we think of the Cowboy’s as an A-List franchise with stunning vision and a bankroll that usually makes that vision a reality, “The Boys” get it wrong from time to time.

Dallas Cowboys Rumors: These Three Free Agent Running Backs And One Wide Receiver Could Be Options For Cowboys

This year, America’s team seems to be hungry to get beyond the dreaded injury bug. Banged up in a number of key offensive positions, the Cowboys are attempting to plug the most gaping holes with a flock of free agents.

Top 20 Richest WWE Stars of 2015

You might hate CM Punk for calling WWE “fake” and pretending to be a UFC fighter, but there’s a lot of truth to what he said in that promo. The only way to break that proverbial glass ceiling is by putting butts in seats, selling out arenas and making Vince McMahon’s wallet fatter.

Madame Tussaud’s Eerie Army of Wax

Madame Tussauds has become a worldwide tourist attraction since her “humble” beginnings. Regardless of what city you end up in, her legacy has probably landed there first, leaving behind terrifying likenesses of your favorite movie stars.

9 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

When a celebrity dies unexpectedly, a media firestorm usually follows soon after. The public who consumes the media stories seems to have a neverending appetite for tragedies such as these, so reporters will do anything they can do to get the scoop on what happened to the famous person in question.

7 Worst Gambling Losses in History

In the last 30 years, the amount you can lose at a casino has increased dramatically. Casinos are always prepared to loan people money to get them hooked, before calling in their debt almost as soon as they leave the casino floor.

21 Most Embarrassing NHL Player Arrests

Former New York Rangers player Sean Avery found himself in the headlines again when he was arrested for oxycodone possession. Over the summer, it was (former) LA Kings center Mike Richards who was arrested with the same drug. Downright embarrassing…

The 2 Big Name Bears That Are On The Cowboys Trade Target

With the Cowboys missing the services of Dez Bryant and Tony Romo, a little bit of panic has settled over Big D. After three consecutive losses including a shellacking at the hands of the Patriots, Dallas needs playmakers and needs theme ASAP. Where to turn?

8 of the Ugliest Rich People

Money can buy a lot of things but natural beauty isn’t necessarily one of them. Plastic surgery can help, however there’s a fine line between good work and a hack job.

6 People Who Accidentally Destroyed Priceless Works of Art

One thing that can bridge both culture and language is a beautiful work of art. Who doesn’t appreciate the intricate brush strokes of a Monet? Or the fine marbled lines of a Greek statue? Sadly, there are some people in the world who can’t be trusted around nice things.

15 Spoiled Celebrity Pets

If you think the life of a celebrity is where it’s at, think about what the life of a celebrity’s pet must be like.

13 Most Expensive AirBnBs in California

If you’re taking a vacation to California, renting out an apartment or home on AirBnB is a natural choice when it comes to your accommodations. There are tons of options for every budget, but for a truly luxurious experience, choose a rental from the list below.

The 16 Richest Super PACs

In the new age of campaigning and politics, super PACs reign supreme. With these clever little financing loopholes, candidates can raise unlimited amounts of money to spend on advertisements, travel, and those annoying polling calls you get during dinner…

16 of 2015’s Richest Politicians

One of the great things about the American political system is that money plays no role in the process. The people who are elected to represent the public at large are chosen based only on qualifications. Okay – so maybe not.

The World’s Most Expensive Bottles of Wine

Have you ever wondered how $30,000 tastes? These vintages are so valuable, you’d be crazy to drink them! When you see their prices, you’ll know what I mean

SlamDunce: 17 NBA Players Who Went Broke

We love us some NBA, don’t we? Incredible athletes, insanely fast action, a tremendous atmosphere and experience. Off the court, however, some of our highflying favorites are scraping along in the financial gutter

Most Expensive Dog Breeds

A well-trained dog can be an asset to anyone’s life, but getting one isn’t always easy. Some dogs are known for being more expensive than others, and breeding associations around the world zealously guard the purity of top breeds.

Rich People of Instagram

Some say it’s tacky to show off your wealth, but we say flaunt it if you’ve got it!

7 Extremely Lavish Billionaire Weddings

There are a wide variety of factors that’ll bump up the cost of a wedding, however most couples don’t spend millions on their special day. Those who can, do, and we’ve rounded up the craziest, most expensive, and overall luxurious weddings we could find.

Celebrity Endorsed Products That Made a Ton of Money

Sometimes, starring in hit movies and TV shows, or playing many seasons on a top-ranked sports team just isn’t enough. Many celebrities choose to fill their time with endorsement deals that keep the money rolling in for years or even decades after they leave the spotlight.

America’s Richest Rednecks

Many people who live in the American South have proudly reclaimed the word redneck. Now, there are tons of TV shows that invite us into the lives of the proud rednecks of the America. And, tons of them have made a whole lot of money cashing those fat network cheques.

The 16 Richest Republicans

Let’s give a hand to the Republican Party for welcoming both the rational (if a bit frugal) and the totally insane with equally open arms. Because of their reputation as fiscally conservative, the Republican Party is often deemed the party of the wealthy.

The 9 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

We all know that it takes an entire crew to film our favorite blockbuster hits, but have you ever wondered how much it actually costs to make a movie?

Sports Stars with Hearts of Gold

Although the work that it takes to become a professional athlete seems like it would leave a lot of people desperate for some rest and relaxation, there are a few caring sports stars who think beyond their own needs.

7 Highest Celebrity Appearance Fees

Tired of admiring celebrities from afar? For a few thousand dollars, there are celebrities you can hire to host your next party, or do some light yard-work.

The 16 Biggest Political Losers

Becoming a millionaire or billionaire is remarkably difficult — after all, if it wasn’t, we’d all be doing it right now — but, unfortunately, losing millions or billions of dollars is remarkably easy.

7 MLB Stars Who Went Broke

For every Jeter who knows how to manage the cash flow and be a bit discriminate with the decision making, there’s a Dykstra who will beg, cheat and steal to keep the bling-bling lifestyle going.

9 of 2015’s Highest Paid Celebrities

The lifestyles of the rich and famous are something we love to gawk at, we’re taking a close look at just how much these stars and singers are really making.

17 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes

You can’t eat money. Well, okay, technically you can, but it’s not recommended. Money would be hard to chew, it’s dirty, and it probably tastes downright nasty. Cake, on the other hand, is delicious.

17 Priciest Wedding Venues in the World

Whether you’re in a humble church, a local community center, or even in your own backyard, the purpose of the day is simple – to announce to the world your love for this special person whom you will care for throughout the rest of your life. (Unless you’re rich.)

In Defense of Gold Diggers

In the 40’s, If a woman desired a luxurious lifestyle, the only choice she had was who she married. In our modern world, when a woman is in a romantic relationship with a more financially secure man, she is almost always automatically labelled a gold digger.

9 Rich Celebrities Who Live Like Poor People

Surprisingly, there are numerous celebrities who shun the chance to flaunt their wealth. There are even a few who choose to live very, very humbly.

16 Richest Presidential Candidates

While there will always be a long list of Senators and Governors that pursue the Presidency, there are also people from other walks of life that take a shot at winning the job. They’re often rich.

The 19 Most Outrageous Things You Won’t Believe Donald Trump Has Said

Although these outrageous Donald Trump quotes are funny to laugh it, it’s important to remember that he’s actually hoping to run in a Presidential election next year. The only way we can stop that from happening is to treat him like the clown he is!

7 NHL Stars Who Went Broke

While we don’t tend to think of the men of the ice as financial nitwits like their brethren in the other leagues, there are some NHLers who lost it all. Their stories? Sad. Darn sad.

The 7 Richest Pirates in History

In the 1500s, clever sailors discovered another way of earning money other than carrying cargo over the sea. Many who began their trade on the sea in a legitimate way soon realized that they could make more money by hiring themselves out as privateers.

The 9 Most Expensive Cities to Live In

We’ve all had dreams of living ritzy lives in expensive places, with fast cars, great food and stunning views from our imaginary penthouse apartments. But have you ever gauged how real those dreams could be?

9 Rich People Who’ve Been Busted for Tax Evasion

Problems arise when rich people “forget” to pay taxes on the millions, or even billions, they’ve earned over the year. Today’s lesson: The IRS always wins.

10 Highest Grossing Films of All Time

They might not all be winning awards but these films captured our minds and made us open our wallets. All of us. Then they made over $1 billion…