12 Celebrities Who Had Stalkers

It isn’t hard to imagine why celebrities would naturally attract stalkers, especially in this day and age. The rise of the internet age has allowed people more access than ever before to their favorite celebrities — you can check out what they’re doing up to the minute on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

9 Beloved ‘90s TV Shows That Desperately Need a Reboot

While some people remember the ‘90s as a decade defined by cheesy boy bands and embarrassing fashion mistakes, we believe that it was a golden age, particularity in the realm of television.

12 Celebrities Who Changed Their Names

These days, it takes more than talent to make it in the entertainment industry. You need to be the perfect package of skills, appearance, drive, and marketability. Even your name matters.

Richest Religious Organizations That Don’t Have to Pay Taxes  

A few months ago on the talk show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver delivered a scathing takedown of televangelism that quickly went viral, receiving over 10 million views on YouTube. There are tons of religious organizations (not just televangelists) across the United States who rake in millions per year and don’t have to pay any...

9 Most Luxurious Apocalypse Shelters

In the event of an apocalypse, whether it be induced by global warming or a zombie pandemic, most of us will have to get used to living without the comforts and conveniences of modern life — but not the world’s 1%.

10 Aging Stars Who’ve Still Got It

Despite the fact that none of us are immortal, Hollywood is still a fickle and vain place that favors the young. That’s why, when a star manages to defy the odds and keep shining decades after they first got on the scene, we are especially impressed.

15 Richest Supermodels of 2016

When you look at the money the world’s supermodels earn, one thing becomes instantly clear: It’s good to be a supermodel! Sure, it takes skill, finesse, stamina and patience to make it in the fast-paced world of modeling, but those who can brave the storm stand to reap some truly astounding financial benefits.

7 Most Expensive Things Ever Purchased on eBay

eBay is great. It’s an ideal place to search for any number of things, from popular consumer goods to hard-to-find items that you need to fill in a set or fix something that has broken.

8 Valuable Toys From Your Childhood You Should’ve Held Onto

Kids love toys – that isn’t breaking news. Even at just a few months old, kids show an affinity for their favorite toys, and things only grow from there.

9 of the Best Acting Performances in Bad Movies

Sometimes bad movies happen to good actors. Whether it’s the director’s vision , the writing just wasn’t there, or someone else’s awful performance, even the greatest of thespians sometimes find themselves in a bad project.

Dumbest Things Ever Purchased in the Name of Luxury

What would you buy if you were rich? Would you spend your money on logical things like housing, food, charitable donations, and the like? Of course not! The whole point of being rich is having the ability to pay a ridiculous amount of money for crap you don’t need.

12 Sneaky Tricks Companies Use to Make You Open Your Wallet

There are plenty of tricks that companies both big and small use to get you to drop more dough on their products. These tricks range from simple — like training service staff to be more personable so you feel at home — to complex — like altering the products on the end of the rows...

5 Twitter Beef Predictions for 2016

There’s nothing we love more than a big juicy slice of celebrity Twitter beef. Watching two people try to prove their point and take public shots at one another in 140 characters or less is perhaps the purest form of entertainment available to us today.

9 of the Most Successful Film Adaptations of Terrible Books

It’s a constant refrain. You tell someone that you liked a particular movie, only to have him or her ask, “Well, have you read the book? It’s SO MUCH better!”

13 ‘Rich’ People Who Are Poorer Than You Think

When you’re a famous person, people automatically assume that you’re rich. However, converting fame (or success in business) into long-term sustainable wealth is much easier said than done.

13 Child Stars Who Grew Up Normal

When you combine the unique difficulties of fame with the universal struggles of childhood and growing up, you often have a recipe for disaster. You know the tabloid stories. You’ve read all about Lindsay Lohan’s brutal descent into addiction and substance abuse.

8 Most Expensive Pieces of Terrible Art

Cars, homes, and passport stamps are every billionaire’s favorite collection items. The mega-rich spend millions on their exquisite homes, rare cars, and all-inclusive vacations, and understandably so.

13 Weird Facts About Daylight Saving Time

Soon, the time will come where most people around the world will set their clocks forward in order to make the most of their daylight hours. For the first time in a long time, people will wake up with the sun shining, and come home from work with the sun still shining in the sky.

10 Luxurious Things Rich People Have in Their Homes

If there’s one thing the rich and famous love to spend money on, it’s their homes. Whether it be their first home, second villa, or favorite vacation spot, everyone’s favorite billionaires have no qualms when it comes to spending the equivalent of your annual salary on a rug.

9 Most Expensive Liquors Money Can Buy  

If there’s one thing the elite love to do, it’s drink. However, while most of us run to the liquor store to grab a 12 pack of our favorite American brews or a handle of moderately priced liquor, the rich and famous order their gold-plated, decades old, decadent beverages for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

12 Best April Fools Pranks Ever Pulled Off

Think you’ve pulled off the prank of the century? Think again! Since the beginning of mass media, there have been epic pranks carried out every April 1st– sometimes by high ranking government officials, newspapers, or just cunning entrepreneurs.

12 Best Celebrity Dads

It’s tough being a celebrity, but tougher being a parent. As a celebrity, one only has to worry about one’s self—making sure that all those images being displayed on the tabloids are positive and not of the mug shot variety.

11 Most Notorious Celebrity Breakups

The public’s fascination with the breakups of rich and famous couples extends at least back to the 16th Century when King Henry VIII. While today’s celebrity breakups don’t tend to lead to war, the fireworks that often ensue can serve to make the participants just as notorious.

12 Craziest Things Kanye West Has Ever Done

Most celebrities nurture a little bit of “wild side” to enhance their public mystique, and Kanye West is no exception. But his antics over the Valentine’s Day weekend had many people scratching their heads wondering whether Kanye might be more “crazy” than just “wild.”

12 Actors Who Retired From Hollywood

For some actors, the Hollywood life just isn’t for them. They get in, enjoy the parties, gift bags, and fame for a few years, then get out with enough money to live on for the rest of their lives.

13 Famous Women Whose Divorces Cost Them Millions

Generally, after a divorce, the higher earning spouse is responsible for paying alimony, or spousal support. Most of the time this burden falls on the man, but sometimes — particularly in Hollywood — the woman has become the breadwinner over the course of the relationship.

11 Weird Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

There are a few sports that make up 99% of what we watch every day — like football, basketball, and baseball — but have you ever thought about the 1% of sports that will never be seen live on TV?

Hitting the Jackpot: Biggest Lottery Winnings Ever

Many people play the lottery daily, buying a scratch off ticket or Quick Pick along with their coffee and newspaper in the morning, while others just get a few scratch off tickets in their stocking at Christmas.

10 Celebs Who Used to Have Drug Problems

You’re almost not a star in Hollywood until you’ve had a public struggle with addiction. Some celebrities have very publicly overdosed, which always sparks an outcry against drug use in Hollywood, but it never lasts too long.

Second Acts: 12 People Who Didn’t Get Rich Until Their Second Careers

Not everyone has success in their initially chosen careers. It can be hard to believe at first, but a lot of people have actually had more success in their second career after they quit their first than they would have ever had if they stuck it out.

11 Brave Celebs Who Have Spoken Out About Their Mental Illness

It’s easy to assume that celebrities are exempt from serious issues like mental illness. Although mental health has been a taboo subject for many years, tons of celebrities now are using their fame to help lift the stigma.

12 Rich People Who Just Want Their Kids to Grow Up Normally

There’s nothing worse than a spoiled rich kid. Nowadays, many in the ultra-rich community are realizing this, and are committing to donating their earnings to charity after their death instead of leaving it to their children.

The 12 Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood

Everyone these days knows that Hollywood stars earn a ridiculous amount of money per year — and amazingly, their movie salaries often aren’t the largest portion of their income.

6 Biggest Bank Heists Ever Pulled Off

You’ve seen enough movies to know what it takes to pull off the perfect bank heist: a crack team of experts, a cunning criminal mastermind for a leader, and a whole lot of luck. But in real life, all you really need is a total lack of moral compass.

Not All Sunshine: Beloved Celebrities With Dark Pasts

Pretending to be happy, charming and likeable is just part of the job for most celebrities; therefore it’s no surprise that the public sometimes forgets about their favorite star’s troubled pasts.

Biggest Toy Fads of the ‘90s

Was there a better decade to be a kid in than the ‘90s? We think not.

8 Popular Celebs Everyone Used to Hate

Being in the public eye means constantly being scrutinized for your choices, your clothing, your behavior, your friends, your relationships, the way you raise your children, your religious beliefs and practices and so much more.

Most Expensive Assets Ever Seized by Police

In their fight against crime, governments will often seize cash, property and assets during criminal raids and you’d be amazed at the sort of things some criminals have in their possession. Some of the most expensive assets that have been seized in police raids are absolutely priceless to look back on.

World’s 11 Most Expensive Watches

James Bond author Ian Fleming once said, “A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit.” However, a classic watch is more than just a fashion accessory, it’s an asset.

9 Celebs Whose Relationships Made Them Famous

We have to admit, we’re actually ridiculously surprised at the number of celebs whose relationships made them famous. As we started building this list, we realized that the majority of them are related to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan – surprise, surprise

14 Most Hated Celebs Everyone Used to Love

It doesn’t take much for a celebrity to fall off their pedestal in the public eye. Poor behavior, accusations, and arrests can turn America’s sweetheart into America’s Most Hated Celeb in the blink of an eye (Bill Cosby, we’re looking at you).

Top 20 WWE Superstars of the New Millennium

Throughout the history of the WWE, there has been countless Superstars that have made the show famous. Since 2001, dozens of WWE Superstars have come and gone. But, there are a select few that have stayed the course of time.

7 Richest CEOs of Nonprofits

The word “nonprofit” might not conjure to mind the jetset lifestyle, but nonprofit leaders can’t work for free. It takes talent to channel millions in donations into charity programming.

10 Rich People Who Never Went to College

Turns out that a formal education isn’t a necessary stop on the road to enormous wealth. More than a quarter of billionaires – including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft’s Bill Gates – are college dropouts.

20 Undertaker Dream Matches We Want to See

There is a reason that the Undertaker is known as the “Phenom,” and it’s because he has shown a level of skill that only a few other WWE superstars have ever matched.

The 10 Worst Charities in America

Ideally, a charity should spend less than 10 cents per dollar on its administrative needs — the remaining percentage should go directly to its projects. That’s not always the case, sadly.

27 Former NHL Superstars: Where Are They Now?

The NHL is nearly a century old. As such, it’s seen a lot of superstars come and go in its ranks. What happens to these people after retirement?

8 Rich People Who Gave Their Money Away

Spending billions in a single lifetime takes more than purchasing a private yacht and a few mansions. These eight entrepreneurs have chosen to make the most of their fortunes by giving back to society in a big way.

Most Powerful Evil Women of History

It’s always empowering to hear about women who fly past barriers and prove that no glass ceiling can hold them down. However, there are always some people who use their newfound power over others to accomplish less positive goals.

The 20 Best Backstage Beefs in WWE

Many of these legendary fighters are on the road months at a time promoting their characters. At the end of the day, these superstars are only human.

#RichPeopleProblems: 48 Reasons You’re Better Off Poor

Every day people play the lottery in hopes of receiving a chance windfall that would change their lives forever. Many of those people believe that all their problems would be solved with a bit of money, but as the saying goes, “mo money, mo problems.”

The 28 Most Incredible NHL Goalie Masks of All Time

The standard white hockey masks of the early years have transformed into their own works of art. It seems that each goalie continually tries to outdo the next in design, but everyone has their own opinion of art, and there are plenty of NHL goalies that take their craft quite seriously.

Affluenza: 10 Rich People Who Got Away With Horrible Crimes

It often seems like there are two tracks that exist within our justice system: One for people who are poor and have little influence, and another for people who are rich and wield either political, business, or financial influence over the proceedings.

11 Celebrities Who Are Genuinely Good People

It’s always refreshing to hear stories about celebrities who use their wealth and prestige to make a positive impact on the lives of those around them. However, some celebs go above and beyond, and focus on doing good deeds throughout their daily life.

The 20 Most Underrated WWE Superstars and Divas

The WWE is known for creating the biggest stars in professional wrestling, but they also have a tendency to misuse some of their best athletes. The WWE has consistently overlooked some of their best talent because they didn’t have the desired body type, flashy moves in the ring or a solid gimmick.

12 Celebrities With Surprising Hidden Talents

At this point, we’ve come to expect certain characteristics from our movie stars. They need to have megawatt smiles, flawless bodies, and know exactly what to say in interviews or on the red carpet.

23 Hottest NHL Wives and Girlfriends

Hockey is fast gaining popularity in America. Part of that popularity may be due to the hot women that adore hockey players. This is evident from all the beautiful actresses and models that surround NHL players. Maybe it’s just the ice skating — or the combination of a man in uniform and ice skating. Who...

History’s Worst Depressions and Recessions

Economists joke that a recession is when your neighbor loses his job; a depression is when you lose your job. Economic downturns are no laughing matter however, and can have very real and long-lasting negative impacts on our society.

Rich People With Ties to Organized Crime

As many people throughout the world have found, you don’t always have to earn your millions (or even billions) through legitimate means. Whether it’s drugs, guns, or political favors that these mobsters trade in, many of them have found that the risks are well worth it.

26 Most Brutal NHL Suspensions

Unsportsmanlike conduct on the ice has generated public outcry since the founding of the NHL back in 1917. Although some Hockey Commissioners attempted to discipline offenders with lengthy suspensions for serious misconduct, for a long time, fans tolerated a lot of bad behavior from hockey stars.

10 CEOs More Evil Than Martin Shkreli

People gleefully shared photos of him in handcuffs, celebrating as an evil CEO was brought to justice. Even though Shkreli is the most recent recipient of the internet’s righteous fury, there are plenty of other CEOs just as evil as he is – and worse.

20 Greatest WWE Diva Matches of All Time

Many fans will tell you that the first true diva in the world of women’s wrestling was Sunny, who was introduced in 1996. Others may argue that it was actually Sable. No matter who you believe to be the first diva or when the diva era truly began, it’s definitely grown exponentially in a short...

23 NHL Players Under 23

Young players make up a large part of NHL teams’ rosters. The NHL’s future is so dependent on these young players that they’re sending a team of them to the 2016 World Cup of Hockey in Toronto next year.

8 Sports Only Rich People Play

When you’re fabulously wealthy, you don’t slum it on the basketball court or the baseball diamond; sports involving balls made from animal hides are for poor people. Instead the world’s elite dedicate their time to more extravagant pursuits that involve riding said animals or using lots of pricey equipment.

8 Sports Only Rich People Play

When you’re fabulously wealthy, you don’t slum it on the basketball court or the baseball diamond; sports involving balls made from animal hides are for poor people. Instead the world’s elite dedicate their time to more extravagant pursuits that involve riding said animals or using lots of pricey equipment.

20 WWE Superstars and Divas That Should Return For “One More Match”

The best WWE performers were able to build a relationship with their fans that lasts long after they retire. Every WWE fan has several favorite wrestlers that they will love the rest of their life, and nothing beats the excitement of seeing one of your favorite superstars return out of nowhere for another match.

11 Rich People With PhDs

Although it seems like nowadays the typical look for a billionaire is the laid back, Mark Zuckerberg-style CEO, many of these people are surprisingly well-educated. Not everyone has had success as early on as Zuckerberg.

Most Valuable Celebrity Body Parts on Earth

Everybody has a part of their body that they admit to liking or valuing more than the rest. For some people, it’s all about appearances — their toned arms, winning smile, or long legs draw in admirers like bees to a flower. For others, it’s about function — can you imagine being a musician who...

World’s 12 Most Expensive Christmas Trees

The average person spends a lot of money at Christmastime, so is it any surprise that the fabulously rich go all out for the Yuletide season too? There’s no better way to show off your good fortune and spread a little holiday joy than with a fully decked out Christmas tree.

22 Most Awkward Celebrity Christmas Albums of All Time

Christmas is a time for terrible family photos, cringey gift opening reactions and off-putting conversations with your racist uncle. Why not add to the awkwardness of it all and throw on some awful celebrity Christmas albums?

The Lux of Pucks: 21 Most Impressive NHL Homes

NHL players never really stop training. Even in the off season, they are still trying to stay in shape and keep their skills sharp. They have to train somewhere, and why leave the house for that? While most players buy older mansions and redecorate, some choose to start fresh and build to their preferences. Whatever...

10 Richest Dead People

It’s truly amazing how much a celebrity can make during their lifetime, but some are now finding that it doesn’t have to stop there. It isn’t uncommon for a celebrity’s estate to collect royalties from movies and merchandising deals for years after their death.

The 20 Best WWE SummerSlam Matches of All Time

Since 1988, WWE SummerSlam has been the biggest event of the summer. The event is quite historic, providing a chance for many wrestlers to define their careers and create matches that last a lifetime.

Warren Buffett: The Oracle of Omaha

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Celebrity Couples With Big Age Gaps

It’s easy to be fooled by celebrities who’ve had work done to try and disguise their real age. That, plus the fact that many child stars grow up too fast in Hollywood, results in a high rate of intergenerational relationships.

20 Most Decorated Tag Teams in WWE History

Tag team wrestling has always been a crucial part of the WWE’s history. These 20 tag teams held more titles than all of their rivals.

Hot Wheels: The 10 Most Expensive Cars of All Time

After a while, being able to buy any car you want just isn’t exciting anymore. That’s where these cars come in.

Early Odds of Each Team Winning the 2016 Stanley Cup

Everyone has a clear understanding of the hierarchy in the NHL now that the season is a few months old. These potential playoff teams are starting to separate themselves from the rest of the league.

The Worst (and Wealthiest) People in Fashion

For an industry that revolves around beauty, the fashion world can be a pretty ugly place. Shade-throwing designers and cat-fighting catwalk models are a dime a dozen in the fashion world and sometimes it’s the biggest egos that make the biggest paychecks.

Fire on the Ice: Top 25 Best Looking NHL Players

NHL players are tough. They are some of the toughest athletes on the planet. Not only do they have to perform incredible acts of hand-eye coordination, absorb bone-crunching body checks, stand in front of 90 miles an hour pieces of hard rubber flying at their bodies, they have to do all this while ice skating.