6 Boxing Greats Who Went Broke

The storyline about a famous athlete blowing the fortune they made during their playing days is almost commonplace. In a lot of cases, the athlete is someone in the middle of the pack in terms of talent who is trying to maintain a lifestyle they feel is part of being a superstar (i.e. one involving expensive cars, a huge mansion and other unnecessary items).

The 25 Most Expensive NHL Arenas

Hockey fans have a diehard love for their sport, which drives them to see their favorite teams in person. You will be in for a treat no matter where you see an NHL game because each arena was designed to give the fans the most enjoyable experience possible.

18 Richest UFC Fighters of 2015

Most of the fighters in the UFC started out in kick boxing, martial arts, beating up kids on the playground, and karate before debuting in MMA and becoming professional intimidators – but once they get in the door at the UFC, it’s all in, or go home.

The 11 Worst Black Friday Incidents

As of 2011, store opening hours began shifting even earlier, to midnight, or even 8pm the night before. Although the Black Friday deals appeal to many people who otherwise couldn’t afford the big ticket items that go on sale, there has been a remarkable number of incidents over the last few years.

18 Richest UFC Fighters of All Time

Some of the highest paid fighters actually have really poor win records. The factor that differentiates the well-paid fighters from the struggling fighters is their ability to draw in the crowds. The more people who want to watch a fighter, the more money that fighter will make.

7 Most Expensive Degrees You Can Get

When researching a college or university to attend after high school, the price tag isn’t supposed to have an impact on where you choose to go. After all, your post-secondary education sets the path for your career and life choices after graduation.