13 of the Hottest Psychopaths on Film

Even though we know they’re no good for us, many of us can’t help but be attracted to bad boys and nasty women. Who needs a healthy relationship when you can experience the danger, excitement and instability of dating a really hot, crazy person?

Most Expensive or Strangest Collectibles Found in the Trash

There are tons of times that we lose something valuable and it completely disappears out of our lives. Most of the time people resign themselves to the fact that they probably threw it away by acciden, or left it somewhere where it then got buried. In these situations, one person’s loss usually ends up being...

Out and Proud: Famous Queer People and Their Stories

Here are the stories of a few brave men and women who have stood up and refused to be bullied for who they are. Their coming out stories are inspiring to those of us who feel that we still can’t live completely truthful.

Highest Paid Actors and Actresses of 2016

There’s no doubt that 2016 was a terrible year for many people. However, for these 15 actors and actresses, 2016 was a banner year not only for their careers, but also for their bank accounts. We’ll see on Oscar night which of them is honoured for their work, and which will have to console themselves...

17 Models Who Broke Into Acting

While celebrities are the most popular spokespeople for luxury brands, many of them didn’t start out as models. Many of them do end up modeling at some point in their career, though. However, there is a select group of people in Hollywood who began their careers as models before moving on to the silver screen.

20 Stories of Police Behaving Badly

Becoming a police officer is a noble profession that requires bravery, intelligence, and a willingness to risk your life daily to “serve and protect.” However, in the last few years, the headlines about police shootings, abuse, and corruption have been nonstop, proving that a few bad apples can spoil the bunch.

15 Celebrities Who’ve Had Public Meltdowns

There is a dark side to Hollywood – many people succumb to the mounting pressure of staying relevant, and choose to take time away from the spotlight. What happens when a celeb doesn’t quite get out of the spotlight before having a personal crisis? Check out the list below for a few of the most...

The 16 Worst Things That Happened in 2016

You probably don’t want to look back on the dumpster fire that was the year 2016, and we don’t blame you. The past year was marred by so much violence, political turmoil, and celebrity death that it’s almost enough to make us long for 1348, when the Black Plague was a thing.

17 Things Only Entrepreneurs Understand

When you first start your own business, you’ll quickly realize just how much you don’t know. From founding a board of directors to sitting down with your accountant, all your research will quickly get thrown to the side as you start learning what strategies work best for you and your business.

15 Easiest Ways to Get Rich

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve figured out by now that everyday living expenses can really add up. If you think you’re safe because you’ve got your rent or mortgage all paid off, think again. Transit, insurance, and utilities can add up quickly, and that’s not even including money for going out and enjoying...

15 Shameless Examples of People Cashing in On Tragedy

In our political news cycle, we’ve gotten used to seeing politicians speaking about the most recent tragic event with an air of aggrieved resolve. They say that they’ve seen this problem coming, but were unable to stop it because of the inaction, or ignorance of the other side. Then they tearfully commit to stopping further...

15 Most Sickeningly Shameless Money Grabs

When we go to the store today, we’re used to seeing a certain amount of useless stuff on the shelves. Maybe we don’t need 50 different types of granola bars, but as long as people keep buying them, manufacturers will keep making them.

15 Things Only People Who Were Born Poor Will Understand

Being born poor isn’t necessarily as bad as it sounds. Sure, most people would rather be born rich than poor, but there is plenty to be learned from having to go through some struggles early in life. Plenty of people have come from humble beginnings to go on to great things later in life.

15 Things Only People Who Were Born Rich Will Understand

That is, most of us assume it would be nice to be rich. We really don’t know, because the vast majority of people in the world will never experience the lifestyle that is enjoyed by those who land in the ‘rich’ category. However, it seems safe to assume that being rich is better than being...

18 Reasons We’ll Miss Michelle Obama

As the Obamas prepare to leave the White House, it’s natural to look back on some of their better moments — especially since the incoming prospects are looking so grim. Although Melania is a snappy dresser, and definitely looks beautiful in an evening gown, the First Lady should stand for so much more.

The Richest People in 50 American Cities

Spoiler alert: I’m not on this list. But… could you imagine how interesting that would be? I mean, everyone would know who you were… and how much you’re worth… and probably where you live. Now that I think about it, I’d actually prefer being the 4th or 5th richest person in my city. I’m a...

20 Actors Who Would Make Really Great Presidents

As the world is still reeling from the results of November 8th, people have been reaching out to each other to try and heal the wounds of such a divisive campaign. One way that people have tried to distract themselves from the impending disaster that takes office on January 20th is humor.

20 Things Kids Today Will Never Understand

If you’re over twenty-five, or even (gasp!) above thirty, chances are you’ve said to someone younger than you that they just don’t understand how hard it was to be a kid before the year 2000 (which you also probably call Y2K). And it’s true!

16 Weirdest Cults of All Time

Everyone needs to belong somewhere. Many people find acceptance and belonging within their immediate family, or within their chosen network of friends. However, there are some people who take this notion of belonging too far and form cults, where the idea of belonging hinges on a central belief that all the members share.

16 Easiest Ways to Get Rich

Everybody wants to get rich — but unfortunately, the only way you’ll get rich with practically no effort is by winning the lottery. For those who are willing to make a little more effort than that, however, there are lots of ways to get rich.

16 Lies Trump Told at the Second Presidential Debate

The town-hall style Second Presidential Debate that was held on Sunday, October 9th went pretty much as most Americans expected. Hillary Clinton was professional, proper and stuck mostly to her talking points, while Donald Trump roamed the stage aggressively, giving at most a one-sentence answer to the question before going off on his own tangent.

15 Bad Scenes In Great Movies

We can’t all be perfect, and neither can some of the most successful and highly acclaimed films. These 15 films managed to rise to greatness, even with these incredibly awful scenes included in them.

16 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You

Being a good boss is all about being a good delegator — and keeping employees happy and motivated, of course. In order to do this, bosses might keep secrets from time to time.

15 Great Scenes In Bad Movies

Even though some bad movies have become cult classics, no one likes to sit through three hours of absolutely awful film. But oftentimes we hold out because there are moments that give us hope, that make us think “…maybe this movie isn’t so bad after all.” In reality, there were really only a few minutes...

8 Worst Ref Calls Ever Made in Soccer

No matter what the sport, there are always going to be contentious actions by referees. These individuals are called to act on their own judgements during games, with no jury and no long time available for contemplation.

15 Priceless Objects Destroyed by Dumb People

There are plenty of times where our klutziness costs us something dear to us. Hopefully it doesn’t happen to you very often, but we’ve all been there. The next time you break one of your favorite coffee mugs, or spill grease on your best dress shirt, take a look at this list and feel a...

The World’s Most Luxurious Prisons

It’s easy to complain that prisons are turning into hotels these days, but there are prisons out there that go way beyond offering recreational facilities and games consoles to prisoners. All over the world, there are prisons that allow their prisoners to live pretty comfortable lives. In fact, some of them look pretty amazing.

20 Heirs Who Squandered Their Wealth

There are tons of families in the USA and around the world who take joy in the fact that they’ve been able to pass on millions of dollars to their children. But is that honestly the best way to raise your kids?

20 Most Controversial WWE Characters

The WWE was first founded under the name Titan Sports in 1979, and ever since then, it’s been the first name in wrestling entertainment. Tons of superstars got their start there, and their antics in the ring and out of it have always inspired love and admiration from legions of fans.

20 Terrible CEOs Who Got Rich Despite Their Incompetence

Every day, we watch people who really shouldn’t be holding power making decision for large companies, which affect millions of their staff and customers. These rich CEOs who headed major companies made horrifically stupid decision which cost them their jobs and reputation — although not their wealth.

20 of the Most Ridiculous Court Sentences Ever

It’s not every day that you hear of someone being sentenced to walk off a crime, or sit in a dirty room for six months to atone publicly for what they’ve done. There aren’t many judges out there who are interested in being creative with their punishments, but some believe that tailoring the punishment to...

20 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True

Throughout history, people have dreamed up some pretty out-there conspiracy theories about secret government programs, the Illuminati, aliens, you name it. That’s why it’s especially alarming when some of those crazy premises turn out to be true.

20 Worst Things Donald Trump Ever Said on ‘The Apprentice’

We’ve all gotten so familiar with the ridiculous things that Donald Trump has said during his Presidential campaign. He’s offensive even when he’s trying to be nice (did you see his Cinco de Mayo post about “loving Hispanics”?) and even more offensive when he’s trying to get people on his side.

17 Wealthiest Murderers of History

After killing a pharmacist in Chicago, Holmes stole his fortune and established his own business, building a three-story hotel to house visitors of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Holmes “hotel” was later referred to as a “murder castle” when it was found to be filled with traps and secret rooms.

The Worst Kardashians of All Time, Ranked

They’re the family America loves to hate. The Kardashian klan kame krashing (sorry, we’ll stop) onto the scene back in the 1990s when their father Robert Kardashian made a name for himself defending O.J. Simpson in his infamous murder trial.

20 Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Press Moments

Being a celebrity is a pretty cushy job; you make lots of money, you’re given tons of free stuff and you get treated like a god everywhere you go. However, one of the more difficult aspects of the job is having to always be “on,” especially in front of the press, which some celebs handle...

‘Scandals’ of the Past That Are Laughably Tame Now

Every time a public figure is involved in a scandal these days, everyone swears that it will ruin their career. People just don’t realize that although people can be wildly incensed in the moment, as soon as it’s off the front page, people are quick to forgive.

20 People Who Ruined It for the Rest of Us

It would be great if we could live in a world where everyone was intelligent and considerate; but sadly, we don’t. All it takes is one selfish person to ruin things for the rest of us. Here are 20 people who are the reason why we can’t have nice things.

10 Pettiest Celebrity Feuds

If you’re a Hollywood celebrity, it’s likely you’ve gotten used to being treated with respect by everyone you work with. People in generally will go out of their way not to offend you — after all, everyone wants to be able to say that they’re buds with a celeb.

10 Things People Who Were Born Rich Will Never Understand

You know what must be nice? Being rich from the moment you’re born and never having to worry about money – not even for a second! Incredibly, some people get to live this life, and it’s a life that the majority of us will never be able to understand.

10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Product Endorsements

Once you get a taste of the high life, it’s hard to even think about going back. Fame is fickle and money doesn’t last, which is why some celebrities are forced to turn to endorsement deals to keep the cash coming in.

17 “As Seen on TV” Products That Are Actually Awesome

We watch infomercials like some people watch Game of Thrones. The greyed out footage of inept people who can’t do simple things at the beginning, the loud and overly cheerful hosts, the pretend excitement from the studio audience; we just can’t get enough!

6 Internet Fundraising Campaigns That Were Based on a Lie

While most fundraising campaigns that find their ways onto these websites are above board, some are definitely not. Since these platforms have launched, more than a few scam artists have launched fake products and services, attempting to swindle thousands out of their hard-earned money.

8 Celebrities Who Successfully Recovered From Scandals

Everyone knows that celebrities are governed by a different set of rules than the rest of us. It’s amazing the kind of bad behavior we are willing to forgive and forget from someone who is rich and famous.

10 Celebrities Who Have Confessed Their Gross Habits

Everybody has a few bad habits they really want to keep hidden. When it comes to the gross habits of celebrities, they’re not much better than the rest of us – even the most perfect-appearing celebs hide doing weird things just like we all do.

21 Celebrities Who Tricked Us Into Thinking They Were Talented

It doesn’t take much to turn yourself into a celebrity these days. You need a talented PR team, someone to run your social media accounts, a stylist, and a personal trainer. Lately, it seems like having actual talent in your field isn’t actual a prerequisite for being successful.

10 Horrifying Pieces of Advice Given by TV ‘Doctors’

Tons of people tune in daily to watch episodes of their favorite TV and radio shows featuring advice from ‘doctors’ like Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. These ‘doctors’ are licensed in some way — but maybe not exactly in the way that you expect.

21 Celebrity Marriages So Short You May Not Even Know About Them

In Hollywood, any couple who can make their marriage last more than three years deserves a medal. There aren’t many celebrity couples who can make it to five years, much less eight, which is the national average.

20 Beloved Celebrities With Hateful Views

It’s easy to see celebrities as pretty faces without opinions, but sometimes, we have so little idea about their personal views that when they say something vaguely political, it shocks us. Regardless of what you think about celebrities publicizing their beliefs, you should know about some of the crazy views that many celebrities secretly (or...

13 Most Perfect Examples of Swift Justice (VIDEOS)

It’s true what they say; crime doesn’t pay. And neither does being a jerk! Yet somehow, criminals and jerks still roam the planet, engaging in all kinds of criminality and jerkery!

10 Rich People Who Are Conspiracy Nuts

Nowadays, we really want to believe that the people who make the most money must also be the smartest, and the most rational. We justify their extraordinary wealth by imagining that they’re just better at their jobs than we are.

10 Kids Movies That Were Way Sadder Than You Realize

When we think back on the movies we watched as child, we imagine that the sadness we felt while watching them was due to us being inexperienced. We can’t imagine that now, as rational adults, we could feel as sad over a deer dying, or a young girl having to say goodbye to her best...

10 Cringiest Celeb Social Media Fails

Just like normal people, celebrities sometimes post cringeworthy things that probably should have just stayed private. Here are some of Hollywood’s biggest social media fails ever

10 Celebrities Who Pulled the Fame Card (and Lost)

Generally, the logic is that if you’re actually a celebrity, you don’t need to loudly insist that you deserve to be treated better than everyone else. People with class don’t actually do that. Just imagine Dame Maggie Smith or Humphrey Bogart getting tipsy on an airplane and aggressively asking, “Do you know who I am?!”

10 Cringeworthy Songs by Respected Artists

This is a list that’s probably going to inspire lots of arguments. Music is a very subjective art form – while one artist or listener might adore a certain song, another person might think that it’s the worst piece of trash ever written.

13 Celebrities Who Almost Died

As a society we tend to treat our celebrities as if they were gods, so it’s no wonder so many of them seem to think they’re invincible. Here are some celebrities who learned of their mortality by experiencing a close brush with the big sleep.

11 Embarrassing Celebrity TV Shows That Were Canceled Pretty Much Instantly

It takes a pretty good producer to be able to rein in a celebrity who has their heart set on TV stardom. There is precedent for shows to succeed, shows like Dog the Bounty Hunter, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and The Osbournes had tons of viewers and ran for years.

10 ‘Smart’ Rich People Who Really Aren’t

It sucks to find out that someone you thought was both attractive and smart only checks one of those boxes. Some celebrities manage to cultivate a great career, as well as keep themselves abreast of politics and the latest intellectual discoveries.

10 Hilarious Examples of Adult Actors Playing Teen Characters

In popular film and TV nowadays, we’ve gotten used to actors being much older than the characters they play. It’s almost impossible to dig out talented young actors that don’t have to clock in an 8 hours a day at high school, so casting directors pick up the phone and call Hollywood’s youngest-looking adults.

20 ‘Ugly’ Characters Who Weren’t Ugly at All

One of the most common tropes in film and TV is the “ugly” character — the one who gets picked on all the time and taken advantage of by their more attractive peers. We’ve seen this so many times — the buttoned-up librarian you didn’t realize was hot until she shook her hair out, or...

22 Celebrities Who Cheated on Their Spouses

Hollywood celebrity life is full of circumstances and situations that make it easy to do things that you regret, like cheating on your spouse. Staying away from temptation requires the patience of a saint, and more and more celebrities these days are going behind the backs of their spouses to have fun.

21 Annoying Celebrities Who Need to Go Away Already

There are tons of celebs who are known in the media not just for their movie roles, but also for their positive impact on their community and the world. They carry themselves like adults when confronted by the paparazzi, and use their status to shine a light on important issues.

10 Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Career Moves

There are tons of celebrities who have made the majority of their money using one talent, only to turn around and reveal that they’re actually capable of much more. Those celebrities are not the ones featured on this list.

13 Famous People Who Believe in Aliens

Believing in aliens and other extraterrestrial life forms isn’t just for nerds and conspiracy theorists anymore. There are tons of celebrities and well-known figures who have professed a belief in extra-terrestrial life forms of some kind.

11 Luxury Items That Are Actually Worth the Money

The day that you realize that you finally have some disposable income is always a beautiful day. Many people rush out and buy the first big piece of technology that piques their interest.

10 Most Cringeworthy Interviews Ever

Once upon a time, when an awkward or strange interview happened live on air, a reporter could sleep soundly knowing that the worst that could happen would be it replaying on the 11 o’clock news. Now, when something cringeworthy happens on TV, it’s immediately broadcast on the internet for the enjoyment of viewers all around...

11 Richest People in History

We watch Paris Hilton cavort around Cannes, or hear all about the tropical island the newest Silicon Valley billionaire purchased. We’ve gotten so used to hearing about the billionaires alive in our time that we forget that these people aren’t actually the richest people that the world has ever known.

The 7 Best Countries to Hide Your Wealth

The release of the Panama Papers, a trove of documents tying world leaders and influential politicians to undeclared wealth and tax havens, has sparked a global outcry. As a matter of fact, the prime minister of Iceland, Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, was forced to resign when the leak tied him to hidden assets.

11 Best Fictional Mothers of All Time

Everyone, from the most hardened criminal to the most powerful superhero, has days when they just need their mom. Pop culture has given us some amazing fictional mothers over the years, who know exactly what to do to make their children feel loved and taken care of.

12 Famous Movie Scenes That Were Actually Improvised

The sets are built, the actors and actresses learn their lines, and then the cameras start rolling. While some film sets operate like that, just as many – if not more, actually – are quite a bit looser than that.

15 Actors Who Regret a Specific Role

Keeping a career going in Hollywood can be tricky sledding, indeed. While an actor or actress might be tempted to take on any role that comes his or her way, one has to be careful.

9 Weirdest Celebrity Death Conspiracies

When a famous person dies, some people simply have trouble letting go. This leads to people going through the various stages of grief, with some unfortunately getting hung up on the bargaining phase. When this happens, the conspiracy theories proliferate.

8 Video Games That Were Turned Into Movies (But Shouldn’t Have Been)

Once regarded as a hobby for shut-ins and teenagers, video games have gained the kind of popularity that can make billionaires out of their developers. In fact, some gamers are even going “professional” and earning sizeable prizes in eSports competitions. The point is: video games are big business.

13 Worst Moms to Ever Exist in Fiction

Just like in real life, parents in movies, books, and TV shows can change the path their kids take in a heartbeat. Just in time for Mother’s Day, here are a few examples from literature and pop culture of stories where the mothers don’t have such a positive influence on their kids.

19 Highest Grossing Musicians of All Time

With all the attention that’s being paid to how recording artists are getting screwed on streaming revenue, you might think that musicians are some really poor people. While some artists certainly don’t earn what they should from their craft, just as many have managed to amass some truly impressive fortunes!

10 Laws That Don’t Apply to the Insanely Rich

Who knows how many more rich people there are out there who don’t believe they need to pay taxes? The recently-released Panama Papers will surely reveal more names.

Forgotten Celebrity Siblings You May Not Know About

For most actors, Hollywood is a place that you break into on your own. After you’ve appeared in a few movies, it’s up to you to hire a good publicist and turn your moment in the spotlight into a viable career.

15 Musicians Who Went Broke

There’s no denying that the rock and roll lifestyle is volatile, and so are the people who find themselves living it. As a result, it seems like you hear stories about once-famous musicians going broke every other day.

7 Most Notorious Celebrity Feuds of All Time

In Hollywood, if there’s one thing that’s bigger than the bank accounts, it’s the egos. Because of this, celebrities unsurprisingly find themselves at each other’s throats more often than not, each one jockeying for a bigger spot in the limelight.

‘90s Child Stars Who Are Still Acting Today

When you enjoy success at a young age in Hollywood, it can often be quite difficult to sustain a lasting career. For one, it’s possible that audiences will always think of you as that plucky young kid – just ask someone like Jonathan Lipnicki.