Out and Proud: Famous Queer People and Their Stories

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon originally hid her sexuality and her long-standing relationship with partner Christine Marinoni on the well-meaning advice from a former publicist. However, after years of being in a relationship with a woman and pretending to be straight in public, it just didn’t feel right to Nixon to be in the closet anymore.

She fired that publicist and hired a new publicist who just happened to also be gay. Her new publicist encouraged her to confirm the rumors that she may be gay. Nixon says that the negative attention and craziness was worth it in order to live an authentic life. Now, she devotes attention to causes that she values, and has been lauded for her activist work by GLAAD.

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus started out her career as a squeaky-clean Disney Channel star. Eventually, she moved deeper into the music business, and enjoyed many years of successfully ramping up her image to that of a fully-fledged adult musician and singer.

Cyrus has given many interviews over the last few years where she has spoken out about her sexuality, refusing to put herself in any one box and proclaiming that if she had to call herself anything, it would be pansexual. Her courage in sticking up for her beliefs is both brave and admirable.

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Don Lemon

There aren’t many national news anchors who have come out, and Don Lemon is one of just a handful across the United States. Even though Lemon has been out to his friends and colleagues since he started working at CNN, he was aware that coming out to the wider public carried more risk.


His book, Transparent, talked openly of what it was like to come out as an gay African-American man. Now, he says that he hopes his story can inspire other young people not to wait as long as he did to come out.

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