Out and Proud: Famous Queer People and Their Stories

Ricky Martin

For many years, Ricky Martin endured crass comments about his sexuality before he stepped forward and confirmed, via a letter on his website, that he is a gay man. Martin says that it took until his children were born for him to realize that by living his life in the closet, he would diminish the “glow” that his children were born with. Although Martin has had girlfriends in the past and even mentioned them in discussions about his sexuality, he proudly admits now that he is a homosexual man.

Chely Wright

Chely Wright is one of the first American country music stars to come out of the closet. When she came out in 2010, she faced backlash not only from her fans, but also her own family. She was forced to stand up for herself when the music industry turned its back on her, and eventually her struggles inspired her newest album, I Am the Rain.

A year after she came out publicly, Wright married her wife Lauren in a quiet ceremony. Now, they have twin sons named Everett and George, and were even able to introduce their sons to Wright’s mother as they reconciled right before her death in 2014.

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Lance Bass

Lance Bass didn’t have much choice about how he came out to his ‘N Sync band mates — Joey Fatone walked in on him while his then-boyfriend was sitting on his lap. Luckily, he quickly realized that none of the other guys cared whether he was gay or straight, they were his friend either way.

Unfortunately, his public coming out was very different. He was bullied into coming out by celebrity gossip bloggers, who broke the story and gave him a mere 24 hours to decide how to tell the entire world about his sexuality. Bass was able to gather his courage and chose People magazine for the exclusive feature. Now, he’s happily married to partner Michael Turchin and together they fight for equal marriage rights all over the world.


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