Netflix and Chill: The Best Shows on Netflix

Dirty politicians, throwback slap-stick comedies, dark re-imaginings of childhood in the 70s, STRANGER THINGS … we need to chill, because Netflix certainly isn’t. You can’t string two weeks together without the release of at least one new season of binge-worthy Netflix original programming.

By giving people what they want, Netflix has changed the at-home entertainment industry for the better. And Filthy Rich isn’t the only one taking notice. The high calibre entertainment factory that is Netflix has garnered a seemingly endless deluge of red carpet hardware. Awards that have earned them the ire of TV executives and movie-theatre investors alike.

But we’re sure you’re wondering, “With so much content and so little time, how will I ever decide what to watch?” Well, luckily for you, this particular Filthy Rich writer has no real social life.

So today on Filthy Rich, we’re going to take a look at the best Netflix original shows available on … Netflix. So, pour a glass of wine, pop some corn, and get ready to binge. Let’s go!

House of Cards

House of Cards has it all: money, sex, power, Kevin Spacey, deceit, violence, intrigue, and Kevin Spacey. House of Cards is an American political drama detailing Frank and Claire Underwood’s unrelenting quest for untethered power.

Buyer beware: House of Cards is a bit of a slow burn. So, don’t expect gun fights and knee-slappers is all we’re saying. It uses misinformation and top-shelf acting to build tension. It’s brooding, it’s cynical, it’s sophisticated and, most importantly, it’s unpredictable in every sense of the word. Oh, did we mention that Kevin Spacey is in it? He is. And he’s glorious.