Most Valuable Celebrity Body Parts on Earth

Everybody has a part of their body that they admit to liking or valuing more than the rest. For some people, it’s all about appearances — their toned arms, winning smile, or long legs draw in admirers like bees to a flower. For others, it’s about function — can you imagine being a construction worker who loses the use of an arm, or a musician who suddenly can’t sing?

Concerns about accidents have led some people to take out insurance policies on key body parts, ensuring that they’re protected financially if something ever happens to them. Nobody has done this more than celebrities, who have the cash to spare for insurance premiums, as well as the driving need to stay marketable.

Check out some of the people on this list who have had their most treasured body parts protected forever with insurance:

David Lee Roth’s Sperm

In the 1980s, nobody was cooler than rocker David Lee Roth. As the lead singer of Van Halen, he toured with the band for decades, playing sold-out venues all over the world.

Jeff Goodman / Own Work

Jeff Goodman / Own Work

Like any good rocker, he was a notorious ladies man, and even took out an insurance policy on his sperm to protect himself from damages related to one of them… well, getting loose. In the event that he accidentally knocked up a groupie, his insurance provided a slush fund of up to a million dollars to provide for the little tot.


Keith Richard’s Middle Finger

Like any good rock and roller, Keith Richards loves to play guitar and flip people off. For both of these activities, having a middle finger is pretty integral, especially if you’re listed on Rolling Stone’s 100 Best Guitarists. That’s why he got his hands insured for $1.6 million.

Even though his precious fingers are protected from external damages, all the insurance money in the world couldn’t protect Richard’s hands from the damages of age and time. He currently suffers from osteoarthritis of the fingers, and has had to work hard through extreme pain to be able to play any guitar at all.

Madonna’s Breasts

Throughout her career, Madonna has been famous for many things: her voice, her songwriting style, her eccentric choices in religion — and her breasts. The image of 1980s Madonna in a cone bra is an iconic symbol of that generation of entertainment. After realizing that her breasts were more important to her image than anything else, she took out a $2 million insurance policy on them, to protect herself in case anything should happen to them.

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