Most Ridiculous Valentine’s Day Products Ever Made

Toilet Paper Full of Love

Another classic Valentine’s Day gag gift that uses toilet humor to convey affection is the Valentine’s Day toilet paper from Jollylife. If you want to really show your partner how much you care this Valentine’s Day, gift them this package of two rolls of toilet paper printed with the text “I ❤ U From Top To Bottom”. It comes wrapped in a cellophane package and tied off with an elegant red bow. Endless laughs for only $11.99.

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Heart Mittens

If you really need everyone in the world to know that you’re in a relationship, you should definitely buy this red heart-shaped Love Glove set. It’s a special glove set designed for couples who always hold hands. It comes with three gloves — a large glove that’s designed for two hands to fit inside, and two more so you can cover your non-holding hands. For some reason, this product designed exclusively for straight couples as the two odd mitts come in a large and small size. The Love Glove is also available in black and costs $15.90 per set.

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Tunes for Two

Another product in the “I need people to know we’re in a relationship” category is Tunes for Two, a headphone splitter in the shape of a shiny red heart. It fits into the standard 3.5mm headphone socket and allows lovers to connect two sets of headphones to one device to listen to music together. The only issue is that due to its larger size and poor construction, some people have found that it can snap off, leaving the plug in your device.

If you’re determined for looks to win out over functionality, you can buy this on Amazon for $13.60.


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