Most Over-the-Top Celebrity Birthday Bashes

When you’re incredibly famous and uber-rich, you can do certain things that most of the world’s population can only dream of. So apart from owning mansions and expensive cars or wearing the latest pricey fashion brands, where else could celebrities spend their money in a completely over-the-top way?

On their birthday parties, obviously! Imagine if you could rent an entire island in the Caribbean to celebrate with your closest friends? Or have your own festival-themed party costing over $100,000? Or even spend the day with First Ladies and former Presidents?

If you had enough money and famous friends, how would you celebrate yours? There’s a strong possibility that whatever you’re thinking about right now, some celebrity has already done it — and in a more extravagant way!


When it comes to Queen Bey, she definitely showed the world how one should celebrate their birthday in style. In 2016, on her 35th birthday, Beyoncé decided to have a series of events instead of having just one party.

It all started with a trip to Camp David in Maryland, where Beyoncé chose to have a girls’ weekend party. She took her mom, Tina Lawson, and daughter, Blue Ivy, to spend the day with Michelle Obama and her two daughters, Sasha and Malia. That’s right, she actually celebrated it with the then First Lady.


If that wasn’t enough, Beyoncé then went to the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia. There she had a friendly chat with no less than former President Bill Clinton. She finished the day by dancing to Coldplay’s “Hymn for the Weekend” and was even serenaded by Chance the Rapper, who sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

For any commoner, this would already have been quite the weekend, but are we not forgetting the birthday party? Beyoncé chose a Soul Train-themed celebration, where people had to come donning ‘70s costumes. Famous guests included Usher, Alicia Keys, and former Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, among others.

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Katy Perry

30th birthdays are notorious for being a massive milestone in one’s life, but Katy Perry definitely took it to another level. You may remember that she celebrated her 25th with a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed party. So how could she ever top it?

Why not fly 70 of your closest friends and family to a luxurious hotel in Marrakesh for a weekend and party like there’s no tomorrow?

Perry chose the Amanjena, where rooms range from $700 to $1400. She had her celebration around a decorated swimming pool with dozens of lanterns and palm trees. There were belly dancers, fire breathers, sword performers, and free-flowing champagne.

And if that wasn’t enough, after the festivities in Morocco, Perry flew everyone to Paris, where they headed to the Eiffel Tower. However, the entourage was not there to do any sightseeing, instead, they went to Michelin-starred restaurant Le Jules Verne, which is located on the second floor.

Couldn’t we all have friends like Katy Perry?

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Kate Moss

Apart from being one of the most famous models in the world, Kate Moss is also known for being a party animal. In the past, she had The Beautiful and The Damned-themed party for her 30th and a 34-hour party for her 34th. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it took her about 100 hours to celebrate her 40th birthday.

It all started with lunch at the exclusive 34 restaurant in Mayfair. Guests included Sadie Frost, Naomi Campbell, Stella McCartney, and Jo Wood, who spent the afternoon drinking Mojitos, Moscow mules, and Bellini’s. Together, they spent over $6,000.

The main party was hosted at her 10-bedroom mansion in the Cotswolds. The party was said to have lasted four days. The theme of the party was no other than the Glastonbury Festival, which is the biggest in the UK and one she has attended several times. To bring the festival vibe she hired fire jugglers, face-painters, and even had a vintage trailer with a tarot reader inside.

The whole event cost around $127,000. Nearly $90,000 of which was spent on food, drinks, and decorations, while the remaining was spent on entertainment.

There were about 150 guests including Vivienne Westwood, Florence Welch, and Oasis singer Noel Gallagher. Throughout the days they were entertained by four different bands, which Kate said represented each decade of her life. The artists were Soul II Soul for the ‘80s, Massive Attack for the ‘90s, and modern acts Florence and the Machine and DJ Mark Ronson.

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Simon Cowell

If there’s someone who could celebrate his 50th birthday with several uber-famous celebrities, that person would be media tycoon Simon Cowell. Given his wildly successful TV shows and connections within the industry, it must have been a chore to trim the guest list down to “just” 400 people.

The party took place at his 2,500-acre manor in Barnet, England and cost upwards of $1.3 million. The marquee alone cost over $31,000. Plus, Cowell spent around $60,000 on a fleet of limousines to take the stars to the cocktail reception.

Because he’s a massive Frank Sinatra fan, Cowell flew in three Rat Pack impersonators from America to sing throughout the night. Probably the most over-the-top features were the tank with mini sharks in the toilet, the chicken soup with alphabet spaghetti spelling his name, and the projection of his own image on the facade of the building.

While not all the people invited could make it, guests included Kevin Spacey, Naomi Campbell, Cheryl Cole, Katie Price, James Corden, and Gordon Ramsay.

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Justin Bieber

The date you turn 21 years old is often unforgettable. Not because you can start drinking legally, but because you probably drink too much and end up forgetting most of it! Whether Justin Bieber remembers his party we’ll never know, but what we do know is that it was incredible.

The young singer decided to celebrate his party on a private island in the Caribbean with his friends Yovanna Ventura, Ryan Butler, Hailey Baldwin, and Alfredo Flores, among others. The luxurious Calivigny island included a 10-suite villa, which cost $431,000 a week. If the guests wanted to rent their own sailing yacht, they just needed to shell out an extra $224,000.

As one can imagine, the party involved outrageous amounts of champagne, plenty of hip-hop playing on the dancefloor, and most likely a high level of debauchery. While Bieber had been trying to move away from his “bad boy” reputation, it’s understandable that he couldn’t resist a mad birthday party.

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