Most Expensive or Strangest Collectibles Found in the Trash

There are tons of times that we lose something valuable and it completely disappears out of our lives. Most of the time people resign themselves to the fact that they probably threw it away by accident, or left it somewhere where it then got buried. In these situations, one person’s loss usually ends up being another person’s good fortune.

We love to read stories about people discovering an object that turns out to be worth millions of dollars! Here are a few stories of people who uncovered an object that made them richer than their wildest dreams.

1. Vintage Atari video games

The years between 1983 and 1985 marked a huge recession in the video game industry. Worldwide sales of video games and consoles dropped an astounding 97% those two years alone. In 1983, the video game producer Atari was sold off by their parent company, and in the wake of their collapse, they sent millions of unsold games and consoles to a New Mexico dump.

Over the years, as the video game industry recovered, the Atari video game burial became an urban legend. In 2014, the dump was excavated and around 1,300 games were recovered, which were auctioned off for over $100,000.