Most Expensive Assets Ever Seized by Police

In their fight against crime, governments will often seize cash, property and assets during criminal raids and you’d be amazed at the sort of things some criminals have in their possession. Here’s a list of some of the most expensive assets that have been seized in police raids along with some facts about the criminals who once possessed them.

A Golden Statue

In recent years, China has been cracking down on corruption by arresting numerous government officials and seizing their assets in large scale raids. It’s estimated that the anti-corruption watchdog branch of government as seized more than 37 billion yuan in cash and 37 billion yuan of assets, including 300 apartments, 60 vehicles and numerous antiques and collectibles, among which was rumored to be a solid gold statue of Chairman Mao that was seized from the home of a high ranking military officer in 2012.

Elena Dijour /
Elena Dijour /