Mecha Mania: The Greatest Giant Robots of All Time

All Terrain Scout Transport – (AT-ST Walker)

If you’ve left the Star Wars AT-ST Walker off of your comprehensive giant robot list than DJ Khaled has something to say to you.

The All Terrain Scout Transport made its cinematic debut in The Empire Strikes Back, forever changing the fictitious world of intergalactic combat. The AT-ST relies on its extra long legs to traverse even the toughest terrain. It’s incredibly agile for its size and takes out targets using a sweet set of lasers.

Eventually, the adorable Ewoks of Endor discovered and exploited the AT-ST’s principle weakness (being tall), but that’s ok. The AT-ST isn’t on this list because it’s incredibly powerful. It’s here because it’s iconic.


Today, we finish our list of butt-kicking robots with a return to the world of video games. The difference here though, is that you actually get to fight with them.

Titanfall is a multiplayer, first-person shooter video game from infamous publisher EA and is available on most relatively new generation consoles. In it, you have the option to run around as a little man with a gun or, once enough time has transpired, you can hop in your personalized Titan and get your smash on.


They punch, charge, shoot and blow up in magnificent fashion. I get that Titanfall’s mech suits aren’t the most popular. And, they are a relatively new edition to the giant robot genre. But I believe that they are the most fun controllable mechanical robots in all recent video game history. Don’t believe me? Than it’s time to suit up!

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