Mecha Mania: The Greatest Giant Robots of All Time

Metal Gear

If you’ve never accompanied Solid Snake on a covert, black-ops mission, then the Metal Gear robots may have side stepped your radar. Big mistake. You see, every edition of this action-adventure game series features a brand new Metal Gear mecha. They are all slightly different and they get progressively more powerful with each new release.

So, what is a Metal Gear? Close your eyes and picture a tank. OK? Now, imagine that tank, but waaaaay bigger. Good. Now, add LEGS AND NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Thankfully, they aren’t real. God speed, Solid Snake. God speed.

The Robot from “Intergalactic”

Just because it’s satire, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be included on a list of the greatest giant robots of all time! If you’re lost, I’m referring to the robot featured in the music video for the hit single “Intergalactic” by the Beastie Boys. Essentially, the robot is a sky-scraper sized dancing machine. His moves, rivaled only by your Father’s, are showcased throughout the video. I mean, what’s not to love about that?

Don’t worry, the robot does more than just dance. At the halfway mark, our mechanical dancing friend takes a squid headed sea creature to task, and destroys more than a few buildings in the process. Of all the giant robots on the list, I vote for the one that likes to party.


The Iron Giant

Conversely, not all space robots are violent. Case in point, The Iron Giant. The cult classic animation flick features a gigantic metal automaton whose abilities include high powered weapons AND military grade friendship.

Seriously, The Iron Giant is way cuddlier than his steely name lets on. But, obviously the movie is about much more than double-dates and barbecues. The actual military gets involved and sets out to do what the military always sets out to do, ruin the party. Luckily, the Iron Giant has a human friend (because, of course he does), and they spend 87 minutes bro-ing out.

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