Magic is Real: 14 Amazing Mythological Objects

5. The Club of Dagda

Dagda was an Irish god in Celtic mythology who led a group of other Irish gods. Kind of like how Zeus was to the rest of the minor Greek gods. Dagda had a bunch of magical possessions that helped him along his journey.

His club, the Club of Dagda, was a multi-purpose tool. The club is said to have had the power to bring death with one end and bring life with the other. For the sake of humanity, we’d like to hope that the ends were labelled properly.

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4. Kaladanda

The Kaladanda Staff, or the Staff of Death, is another weapon wielded by an all-powerful being. This one belonged to the Hindu god Yama. Yama was the god of death, the underworld, and the Southern direction.

His staff of death is considered the most powerful weapon on the planet. Think the Grim Reaper’s scythe, but less pointy.

3. The Flying Dutchman

You may recognize this mythological object from the popular animated series, Spongebob Squarepants. An old pirate fable, the Flying Dutchman refers to the captain of a ghost ship that was “condemned to sail the oceans for eternity with a ghostly crew of dead men.”


The earliest sighting of the Flying Dutchman dates all the way back to 1835 and its visage has been reported countless times, usually accompanied by a terrible storm.

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