Magic is Real: 14 Amazing Mythological Objects

8. The Mead of Poetry

As writers, this is a mythological relic that we can get behind. The Mead of Poetry exists in Old Norse mythology and refers to a magical liquid that turns whoever consumes it into a scholar.

That’s right! Drink this magical beverage and you’d be able to solve any problem, recite any informational tidbit, and write poetry with the best of them. Though few believe that the tale refers to an actual physical liquid, it’s believed that the legend is an allegory for divine inspiration.

7. The Cup of Jamshid

The Cup of Jamshid is another mystical relic that is believed to have aided the powerful monarchs of the past. The Cup of Jamshid is of Persian descent and was believed to have been filled with an elixir of immortality. More than that, looking into the cup could reveal deep truths about the world, and it’s credited for the success of the Persian Empire in Persian folklore.

6. The Peaches of Immortality

These particularly delicious mythological objects come from Chinese culture. Today, peaches symbolize longevity and prosperity, but in the past, the Peaches of Immortality were taken much more literally.

Not only were the Peaches of Immortality (peento peaches) cherished for their mystical ability to prolong life, but weapons were fashioned from peach tree wood and an “elixir of love” was extracted from the peach trees petals.


These peaches are rare though. Legend has it that the peaches only ripen every 3,000 years.

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