Magic is Real: 14 Amazing Mythological Objects

Whether you believe in magic or not, it’s hard to ignore the divine proclamations yelling at us from the pages of our history textbooks. Queens, kings, and scholars from the past have long preached of the existence of rare, mystical objects that can dramatically tip the scales of battle, provide an endless supply of valuable resources, or grant the holder immortality.

Although none of the items on this list have been found, their stories remain relevant in the popular culture of today. It begs the question: if these religious artifacts aren’t in fact real, then how has their story endured for so long? And, if they are real (and magical) where are they and what do they actually do?

Unfortunately, FilthyRich doesn’t have the resources to treasure hunt ‘round the globe, but we can give you a bit of a run down on the magical objects of legends past. So, without further ado, let’s explore 14 incredible mythological objects.

14. The Chintamani Stone

When Buddhists talk about the Chintamani Stone, they do so with great reverence. This “divine jewel” fell from the sky, landed in Tibet, and has the power to make all of the possessor’s wishes come true.

Mention of the stone first appeared during the reign of Tibetan King Thothori Nyantsen, who claimed possession of it. Legend has it that the power was so great and dangerous that those who had possession of the stone stowed it away in the hidden city of Shambhala, and it was never seen again.

Liz Highleyman