Keeping It in the Family: 10 Crazy Huge Inheritances

Allegra Versace

At the age of 18, before many of us have even had our braces taken off, Allegra Versace inherited over $800 million and half of her late Uncle Gianni’s fashion empire. Her mother Donatella serves as the creative director of the luxury label, but Allegra has taken an active interest in the running of the company, all between semesters of college. She attends both Brown and UCLA, but spends her summers with her mother in Milan, learning about the family business.

Allegra has stated that she is interested in pursuing both the creative and business sides of fashion, and has kept away from the Hollywood scene that often comes with being a rich heiress and living in California, choosing instead to focus on her studies. In fact, she often uses her father’s last name in an effort to retain some privacy while at school.

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Sam and Holly Branson

Eccentric billionaire Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, is known for his savvy investments that have made him billions since he set up his first business in 1970. Both his business empire and family grew exponentially throughout the 1980s — his son Sam and daughter Holly were both born that decade, and are set to inherit most of his fortune along with the responsibility that comes with being the face of the Virgin Group, which represents more than 400 different companies.

Of course, the benefits of that arrangement are pretty astounding. Branson has said that he plans to take both of his children into space through his new space tourism company, Virgin Galactic.

Peter, Jonas, and Mathias Kamprad

Most people have never heard of the Kamprad brothers — the youngest generation of the mysterious family that owns a majority stake of the IKEA fortune. The entire family lives their life in seclusion and anonymity, despite the fact that collectively they are worth billions of dollars.


Peter, Jonas, and Mathias Kamprad are involved in the family business as owners of the Ikano Group, which owns a stake in the IKEA company worth about $1.5 billion. The brothers are all in their 40s, and have never given an interview to any media outlet, choosing to follow in their father’s footsteps by living their lives as normal citizens despite their massive fortunes.

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