It’s Morphin’ Time: The 12 Best Power Rangers Series

3. Time Force

Time Force saw Rangers from the future travel back in time to stop Ransik and his army of mutants. Time Force spotlighted great overall storytelling, especially its love triangle between Pink Ranger Jen, Red Ranger Wes, and Wes’ descendant Alex. It also had some of the best suits and acting that the Power Rangers had seen.

Not to mention an incredible conclusion that sees Ransik learn the error of his ways when he realizes that he’s placed his daughter in the crossfire thanks to his evil behavior.

2. In Space

Much like RPM (only about a decade earlier in 1998), In Space was thought to be the Power Rangers’ last season, but thanks to its high ratings, the show continued.

With their powers stripped and confidence shaken, the Rangers escaped an into space after facing utter defeat at the end of Turbo. The end result? They gained new powers before heading back to Earth to conquer their enemies for a feel-good and powerful finale.


In Space had a ton of great moments too. Who could forget Adam’s return, the Psycho Rangers, the Silver Ranger and his unique sword gun, the new Red Ranger, and the best finale in Power Rangers history in “Countdown to Destruction.” Not to mention the Rangers teaming up with the Ninja Turtles! Utter brilliance!

1. Dino Thunder

As Power Rangers’ ratings began to plummet in the early 2000s, Disney decided to head back to the show’s roots with Dino Thunder. Three Rangers launched the season, there was a dinosaur theme (in fact, the team possessed dino powers), and Tommy Oliver returned as the team’s mentor. In addition, Tommy got to don the spandex once again as the Black Dino Ranger, and starred in a legendary episode titled “Fighting Spirit,” which saw the fan-favorite Ranger battle his past Ranger alter-egos.

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