It’s Morphin’ Time: The 12 Best Power Rangers Series

6. RPM

RPM centered around an army of machines that was produced by a computer virus. The domed city of Corinth was the last bastion for humanity, so the Power Rangers acted to defend the population and the future of the human race.

In 2009, RPM was thought to be the final season of the Power Rangers as Disney lost interest in the series. However, the positive reception of this post-apocalyptic-themed season helped to keep the series alive for the years to come.

With inspirations like the Terminator and Mad Max, the cinematography around RPM was incredible and truly offered the sense of conclusion for the series. Even though this would not be the case.

5. Jungle Fury

Full into the Disney-era, the Power Rangers would take on their spirit animals in Jungle Fury, adding some kung-fu into their arsenals mix.


Jungle Fury began with three Rangers (the Red, Blue, and Yellow Rangers) and would continue with that number for a long while into the series. The smaller cast allowed fans to have a stronger, more emotional connection to the main cast of Lily, Theo, and Casey.

Overall, Jungle Fury received rave reviews from fans. The kung-fu action was entertaining, and the dialogue had a nice comedic edge to it. Plus, Jungle Fury’s focus on mostly human villains, especially the outcasted Jarrod, added a new dimension to Power Rangers’ regular assortment of rogues.

4. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers – Season 2

As the only Power Rangers series to last multiple seasons, Mighty Morphin hits the list once again and for good reason. This second season had some major developments. Tommy lost his Green Ranger powers before becoming the White Ranger, the menacing introduction of Lord Zedd, the debut of brand-new Thunder Zords, Zedd and Rita got married, and of course the elephant in the room, three of the original cast members (Jason, Zack, and Trini) were written out due to on-going contract negotiations.

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